Bank Of America Has Gotten So Bad, It's Hard To Tell Satire From Reality

Bank of America may have avoided the stain of the Worst Company In America Golden Poo for the second year in a row, but the perennial runner-up still has plenty of haters out there, including some who put together, a satire site that will probably be taken down any minute now.

“Today, it’s time to acknowledge that our Bank isn’t working anymore,” reads a letter purporting to be written by BofA head honcho Brian Moynihan, “not just for the market, but for people, our real customers.”

Continues the (presumably) fake Moynihan:

To make sure that this time around, things turn out differently, we at Bank of America are launching a forum in which you, the American taxpayer, can prepare for the time that you own us. By sharing ideas, and reading and rating the ideas of others, you can begin charting a course for this Bank–your course.

And when the day comes that you, the American taxpayer, own this Bank, you will be ready to make it a Bank for America–one that brings benefits not to the privileged only, but to all of our customers, and to all of our stakeholders too. also has a template for creating your own little BofA banner ad. We attempted the site’s built-in banner generator but it looks like it may be overloaded right now.

Oh well, enjoy it while you can before the real BofA (again, assuming the bank hasn’t been dipping into grandpa’s “honesty sauce”) somehow figures out a way to claim the satirical site is hurting its trademarks.

Thanks to Diana for the tip!

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