Woot Changes T-Shirt Sizing Without Warning, Is Still Totally Awesome

Wendy is a fan of deal-a-day site Woot’s shirt-a-day site, and owns quite a few of their shirts. She wrote in with two purposes: first, to warn other people who love the company’s shirts that the sizing has changed, and also to praise the site for sending her out a shirt in the correct size with no fuss.

There have been some articles recently both good and bad about woot.com. I’ve been a fan for quite a while and now even my parents check it everyday. I especially love their shirts. I think I have close to 15. Recently their prices went up to $12 from $10, but hey that’s still a great value. Well during this price change they also changed who they got their shirts from, previously it was from from American Apparel. I used to be a woman’s XL. I lost some weight and started ordering Women’s L then down to M.

So, when they had a great Stormtrooper Casual Friday shirt I ordered it in Woman’s M. Well, I was quite surprised when I got the shirt, it was huge. At first I thought I ordered a men’s. No, the new medium is actually bigger than the old X-large.

I sent an email to customer support and asked if this one time they can let me make an exchange for a new Women’s S; since they never sent out an announcement about the size difference I feel it’s warranted.

I got an email back from [T] in customer service and not only are they sending me the correct size but told me to keep the other shirt as long as I find it a good home. Thanks for keeping a long time customer happy.

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