An Example Of When Buying A Generic Drug Can Save You 72%

Yeah, buying generics drugs instead of their snazzy brand name versions could stifle an allergy, calm a nasty cough or banish that throb on the cheap. But at more than half the price?

Our savvy shopping siblings over at our sister publication ShopSmart took the time to price out containers of 100 caplets and tablets of Advil, Pfizer’s brand of the pain-killing ibuprofen drug.

The best price they could find was at Walmart: $8.43 (Walgreens pharmacies had one of the highest prices at $9.85 per bottle.) Meanwhile, the chain’s own brand of ibuprofen was selling for just $2.36 — a whopping 72% cheaper!

Other generic store ibuprofen vs. Advil comparisons:

Target store brand $2.79 (vs. Advil $8.57) — Savings: 67%

Walgreens store brand $7.30 (Advil $9.85) — Savings: 26%

CVS store brand $7.67 (Advil $9.60) — Savings: 20%

What are the most outrageous price differences you’ve ever seen?

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