Owners Of Deceased Puppy Claim PetSmart Strangled It During Grooming

A couple is suing a PetSmart in California, claiming that their puppy died as a result of injuries it sustained during a grooming session. They say their four-month-old English bulldog was “healthy and happy” when they brought it to PetSmart last May, but then took a turn for the worse while in the groomer’s care.

According to CBS 2 in Los Angeles, the civil suit alleges that the puppy died because of its experience at PetSmart.

“Shortly after dropping her off, they received a call that she was vomiting blood and that they should pick her up and take her to a veterinarian,” said the attorney for the plaintiffs who specializes in animal law.

They then took the puppy to a vet, and she died 45 minutes later. A necropsy determined the cause of death was likely strangulation that occurred during her grooming session, claims the complaint. The owners also say PetsMart ordered the puppy to be cremated before they were able to pick up her body.

The “plaintiffs were horrified, as this was done against their wishes, beliefs and without their consent,” said the attorney. They’re seeking damages upwards of $25,000.

PetSmart responded with a no-comment, sort of comment statement by their spokesperson, saying:

“The facts as represented in the recently distributed press release by an attorney are not what we believe to be true relative to this unfortunate situation. As a practice, however, PetSmart does not comment on pending litigation.”

PetsMart Sued Over Alleged Grooming Death Of Puppy At Downey Store [CBS 2 L.A.]

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