How To Tell If An Egg Is Still Good Enough To Eat

Your Friday may not be so good if you eat a bad egg. If you’ve dug up some old eggs in the refrigerator and no longer have the expiration date handy, you’ll face the decision of whether to throw out your eggs or try your luck by cooking them.

But before you do that, there’s a simple trick you can try to test your egg, courtesy of an Frugal Living post.

You place the egg in a bowl of cold water, then see whether it sinks to the bottom, stands on its point or floats.

The more floaty your egg is, the more likely it is you need to toss it. Eggs have porous shells that take in air over time, so a buoyant egg is typically a bad one. If an egg stands on its tip, it’s probably still OK to eat in short order.

A final test comes when you crack the egg and start to cook it. If it stinks, discard it.

How to Tell If Eggs are Still Good [ Frugal Living]

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