Banish Boomerang Kids And Reclaim Your Home

Last week we talked about reasons twentysomethings don’t need to be afraid to live at home for a few years before they launch their careers. Now we’ll to look at the other side of the coin, at long-suffering parents who aren’t happy that their grown children still live with them.

For parents who have spent the last couple decades and change inconveniencing themselves to better the lives of their offspring, telling their kids to move on is no easy feat. Here are some ideas from a that’s filled with suggestions to help empty the nest for good:

* Become a tough landlord. Treat your child just as harshly as you would a boarder off the street. Set a market rate for rent and draft up an agreement on paper.

* Your house, your rules. Some boomerang kids are so untrustworthy that any lease of yours they sign won’t be worth the paper his college degree is printed on. If your kid wants to leech off you like a teenager, make him obey the rules of a teenager. That means curfews, chores and minimal privacy.

* Work together on a financial plan. The relationship doesn’t need to be adversarial. Tell your boomeranger that you’d like him to move on, then hash out a timetable and action plan to make the move comfortable and realistic for both of you. If the plan doesn’t work out, meet, discuss and make adjustments.

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