AT&T Caps Off Crappy Year With Third-Place Worst Company In America Finish

This sort of epitomizes the last 12 months for AT&T. First it attempted to leap-frog to the head of the wireless pack by swallowing T-Mobile whole, only to fail miserably after many months and at a cost of several billion dollars. Then it came tantalizingly close to vying for the coveted Worst Company In America Golden Poo trophy, only to be given the smack-down by a video game company. At least it won’t be leaving the tournament empty-handed.

For the first time in WCIA history, the two companies eliminated in the Semifinals were given one final chance to add something other than the standard Certificate of Participation to its trophy shelf.

And so yesterday, AT&T and Walmart, which had been eliminated by Bank of America in the Semifinals, faced off one last time in the WCIA Consolation Round.

In the end, Consumerist readers were clear on which company was the third-worst in the nation, handing AT&T nearly 65% of the vote — and guaranteeing the company a place in WCIA lore.

Congratulations to the folks aboard the Death Star! As soon as we get some proper bronze-colored paint, we’ll be packing up your Bronze Poo and sending it off in the mail. It will, of course, include a 620-page end-user agreement that preempts any class-action lawsuits by AT&T employees.

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