Thousands Of Students Taunted With Accidentally Doubled Financial Aid Deposits

Checking your bank account and finding thousands of dollars more than should be there is always a happy moment — well, at first, until you realize that the unexpected windfall is actually just one big mistake. That’s what happened to thousands of students at University of California, Los Angeles, last week.

CBS2 Los Angeles says the mistake happened last week, when Student Financial Services made a “duplicate error,” which meant depositing financial aid payments into student bank accounts twice. Hence, the duplicate part!

The bad news for students is they won’t get to keep all that extra dough. A spokesman told the station that “approximately 7,000 students were affected. We’ve notified all of them and we’re working to rectify the situation.”

Of course, while some students would love to hang on to that cash, others realize it’s not fair to keep it. The university is warning that it will reverse the extra deposits.

“In all fairness, I think it should be given back because as it is, we’re in like such a financial crisis with the whole UC system so this would only make it worse,” said one student.

The university emailed students after the mistake happened, and let them know that what was so easily deposited will just as easily be taken back out of their accounts. So, bad news for anyone who already went on a spending spree.

Thousands Of UCLA Students Get A Sudden Windfall In Financial Aid Mix-Up [CBS2 Los Angeles]

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