Save Money By Taking Choice Out Of The Equation

If you struggle to put money away, it helps to eliminate personal choice by taking money out of your hands before you allow yourself to spend it. Getting saving to seem like something you have no control over makes it easier to set the funds aside and adapt your spending habits accordingly.

Budgets Are Sexy suggests these tips to automate your savings routine:

* Set up automatic transfers. Most online banking setups allow you to automatically shift money into savings accounts. Resist the urge to transfer it back into your checking account and you’ll be fine.

* Keep spare change in a jar. Don’t allow your coins to find their way underneath couch cushions. Keep it stored in one compartment, and when it comes time to convert the change into paper, deposit it at the bank rather than use one of those fee-grubbing converter machines.

* Make “ghost” car payments once you’ve paid off your loan. Once you pay off your car loan, continue socking away the same amount each month. Living beneath your means is the key to saving big.

9 Killer Savings Tips [Budgets Are Sexy]

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