Homeowner's Association: Remove Our Name From Facebook Page Or We'll Sue

A Tennessee woman says she’s being bullied by her homeowner’s association, all because she used the name of her subdivision to create a private Facebook page for residents.

She says she started the page two years ago as a way for residents to communicate and connect.

“A lot of teenage kids will pet-sit, or babysit, so it’s been a wonderful resource,” she tells WSMV-TV in Nashville.

And then last November, the association said she couldn’t run a page that just used the subdivision’s name as its title, so she changed it to “Residents of” the subdivision to clarify.

But that didn’t appease that HOA, whose lawyer sent the woman a letter last week saying the association would be forced to pursue legal avenues if she did not remove the subdivision’s name.

“When I received the letter in the mail, I just felt very bullied,” says the woman.

But the HOA’s lawyer defends the action.

“I don’t think there’s an attempt to censor what she has on that site, merely, they didn’t want to cause confusion over the association’s site and something else [with the same name],” he tells WSMV.

But the woman says she was told by the HOA that it wants to take over the Facebook page.

“They wanted me to turn the Facebook page over to them,” she says, “so they could monitor the activity and delete any posts.”

The lawyer does admit the HOA has concerns about negative postings affecting home values, but the woman behind the Facebook page says the page’s content is only available to those who have been invited to join the group.

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