No, You Didn't Rent A Pirated DVD From Redbox

Nathan didn’t know who it was replacing Redbox DVDs with ripped and burned copies in his city, but he approved. Kinda. He like pirated copies better, without all of the un-skippable trailers and other nonsense that studios cram on DVDs. “I don’t know who this vigilante is, but I’m thankful for him,” he wrote. Only there was no vigilante stealing discs from Redbox en masse. This Sony DVD-R with the movie title written in felt-tip pen is an official, legal copy of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.”


A clever enough reference to the film’s hacker heroine, I suppose, but enough customers have been fooled that there’s a warning on the Redbox site.

NOTE TO RENTERS: The handwritten look on the disc of this movie is legitimate and is intended to look like a burned DVD.

Regular Consumerist Flickr pool contributor SpodieOdie took a clearer picture of this disc:

this is not a pirated disc

Look at the right of the disc, next to the hole. That’s the film’s MPAA rating, printed right on the faux DVD-R.

‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ pirate copy-style DVD fools buyers [Digital Spy]

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