The Downside Of Relocating For Work

On many a dreary day, the fantasy of landing a job in a new city, uprooting and starting fresh seems appealing. But when an actual opportunity arises that allows you to do so, reality sets in and you’re confronted with some tough choices as you weigh your options.

Give Me Back My Five Bucks explains the tough parts about moving away to advance your career. One of the most daunting disadvantages of setting up shop in a new city is the lack of a support network. If you’ve got kids and have relied on relatives for babysitting, you’ll have to scramble when you settle in to your new digs.

Another significant drawback is cost. Even if your employer is paying to move you in, you’ll likely have to front the cash to move, only to be reimbursed. In an era of high unemployment and stiff competition, companies are less and less willing to move people in from out of state.

On the other hand, you’ll probably be making more than you were before, and you can look at the blank slate as an opportunity to redefine yourself rather than an obstacle standing in the way of your happiness.

Would you relocate for a better job? [Give Me Back My Five Bucks]

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