Sorry, Sir, But You Can't Take Fireworks On A Cross-Country Flight

You know all those signs at the airport that say you can’t bring too many ounces of liquid or like, hazardous materials onboard? Fireworks and a water bottle filled with flash powder found in the backpack of a man flying out of Philadelphia would definitely count as the kind of explosive thing you aren’t supposed to have in your carry-on.

You’ll get in a lot more trouble for M-80s than say, shampoo, as the Pennsylvania man detained at Philadelphia International Airport found out this morning. The 29-year-old was heading to board a flight to San Francisco, says the Associated Press (via the Washington Post), when the offending items were noticed by screeners as an “anomaly.”

So what was he doing with that stuff? He apparently “forgot” he still had them, and besides, they’re for work!

“He says that he has an interest in these items professionally,” the chief inspector in the case said. Ah yes¬†– a traveling fireworks salesman, perhaps?

The man is being charged with possession of a destructive device, and additional counts are likely, investigators said, and pointed out how great it was that the Transportation Security Administration actually picked up on the contraband before he got on the flight. Yes, a pat on the back for you.

Officials: Man faces charge for trying to take fireworks on cross-country flight out of Philly [Washington Post]

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