School Orders Students To Delete Facebook Accounts Or Face Expulsion

Last week, every 11th grade student at a Jewish school for girls in Brooklyn was told to delete their Facebook accounts or risk a $100 fine, or even the possibility of expulsion.

“In religious communities they don’t want anybody to have the Internet, especially not Facebook,” the school’s president told 1010 WINS radio in NYC.

“It’s not a modest thing for a religious Jewish man or woman to be on,” he added.

The principal says the school’s no-Facebook policy has been in place for two years and administrators are merely enforcing the rule.

“They all knew about it before,” he explains, “they were warned about it, they were told about it, they were taught about it and some girls ignored it.”

But some parents are confused by the school’s actions, saying students had been encouraged to create Facebook accounts last year so they could vote for the school in a charity giveaway contest operated by Kohl’s.

The school says it only asked parents to sign up, not students.

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