HTC Sense Warns Customers: We're Going Away For An Undetermined Amount Of Time

Way back when, about a year ago, we had a reader who had a bone to pick with HTC Sense after her phone was stolen and the remote-locking system failed. HTC apologized and said it was still working some stuff out — but now it seems there are just too many kinks in HTC Sense, and the company is warning customers of an impending, supposedly temporary, shutdown of services.

A few tipsters have sent in an email from, wherein customers are warned that just in case they’ve ever synced info or stored any data with the program, it’ll be gone after April 30 as they go through a “renovation.”

They advise customers to grab a .zip file of their information by logging into their accounts and downloading it from the Account Overview section. Again, that is if you use any of their syncing services in the first place. Otherwise you won’t notice a difference whatsoever.

And what about phone location or other backup services, the kind that failed before? For that, HTC says just to go to Google Play (previously Android Market) and pick something nice out there that will do and actually work when you need it.

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