Would Undercover Agents Prevent Baggage Theft At The Airport?

After yesterday’s report that airport and airline staff are allegedly stealing more than 200 bags each day at JFK International, Senator Chuck Schumer has come up with a possible solution: Put undercover FAA agents in the bellies of those jets.

“I think there should be some undercover agents in the belly of the plane,” Sen. Schumer said. “They’re probably less able to be caught, less able to be seen, but the answer to that would be having undercover agents there who can witness this.”

And though airport employees are fingerprinted and have their backgrounds checked against an FBI database, Schumer says more can be done to filter out potential pilferers.

“Somebody, for instance, who has a drug problem, is very likely to steal luggage or steal from the luggage so I think they ought to change the standard for people,” Schumer said. “Those people should not be baggage handlers. The FAA should figure out how to stop it.”

Exclusive: CBS 2′s Explosive Report On JFK Baggage Thefts Leads To Demands On FAA [CBS NY]

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