Our New Favorite Drinking Game: Condom Brand Or Android Device?

There once was a time when popular cellphones had names like StarTAC, meant to appeal to early adopters and the tech-savvy. But today’s smartphones are now equal parts communication device and fashion accessory, and the names have gotten sexier to match that change. But have they gotten so sexy you can’t tell whether you’re buying a phone or a condom?

The folks at the Intercom Blog took a look at this very question. Comparing this list of device names to brand names for condoms, and creating what is now our new favorite drinking game (which we only play with non-alcoholic gin, as we most certainly do not encourage the drinking of alcohol).

Without peeking at the Intercom chart, see if you can tell which of these names belongs to a condom brand, an Android device, or both (answers below the link):

1. Electrify
2. Sensation
3. Elite
4. Hero
5. Indulge

Personally, I swear by my Atrix… which is a smartphone. I hope.

What’s in a Name? [The Intercom Blog]

(Answers: 1. phone; 2. both; 3. condom; 4. phone; 5. both)

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