Nike & Reebok Fight Over Who Gets To Shill Tim Tebow Apparel

Now that NFL quarterback Tim Tebow (have ya heard of him?) is moving his field praying to the New York Jets from the Denver Broncos, that means his new set of fans needs green clothing emblazoned with his name. But seems Nike thinks Reebok went about doing that the wrong way — they’re suing, citing unfair competition.

Nike says in the lawsuit in U.S. District Court in New York that Reebok improperly used Tebow’s name on New York Jets apparel, Reuters reports.

According to Nike, Reebok jumped the gun on introducing products with Tebow’s name and presumed number for the Jets after he signed last week. They’re seeking compensatory and punitive damages

Reebok “has no authorization from Mr. Tebow or anyone else to use Mr. Tebow’s name or other identification on such Jets product,” according to the lawsuit dated March 27. Nike claims they hold the license on his name for football-related products.

Whoever gets to shill stuff with the square-necked thick-jawed back-up quarterback’s name stands to score a ton of money, as Jets fans are likely ready to spend their green on celebrating green Tebow.

Nike sues Reebok over Tebow’s name on NY Jets apparel [Reuters]

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