The 8 Remaining Worst Company In America Contenders Sure Are An Elite Bunch!

Two weeks ago, 32 of the nation’s worst businesses entered the Worst Company In America Battledome Nonagon, hoping to prove they could out-twit, overcharge and outlast the others to ultimately be named the Worst Company In America 2012. Two dozen companies have since been fed to the shark-eating robot piranhas and only eight remain with a chance to be crowned with the Golden Poo.

The eight contestants still standing are a rogues gallery of bad businesses from a variety of industries.

Bank of America may not be the country’s largest financial institution, but it’s the only bank whose utter incompetence has allowed it to get to Round 3.

Like, AT&T has proven it didn’t need to buy T-Mobile to become the #1 wireless company in order to beat out industry leader Verizon.

2010 WCIA champ Comcast wasn’t about to let any of its cable competitors get a shot at the Golden Poo, though it now will face its first real competition in the form of gaming goliath Electronic Arts, which has been tearing up the brackets in its rookie year.

Walmart is usually out of the tournament by now, and the nation’s biggest retailer barely made it into Round 3 over the comparably small GameStop.

Facebook remains a strong Poo possibility, as it continues to push the limits of its users’ privacy.

PayPal has had a pretty bad year of it in terms of public relations, but some would argue that the headline-grabbing errors are merely representative of the problems customers face on a daily basis.

And then there’s Ticketmaster, which only exists because its parent company Live Nation owns and operates a large number of the country’s biggest concert venues.

Voting on match-ups begins this morning with BofA vs. Ticketmaster, followed by PayPal vs. Walmart. Tomorrow, you’ll get the chance to vote on Facebook vs. AT&T and then Comcast vs. EA.

Polls for each match will remain open for only 12 hours. To add a soupçon of suspense to the contests, results will remain hidden until we reveal the winners on Thursday.

March 27
* Bank of America vs. Ticketmaster
* PayPal vs. Walmart

March 28
* Facebook vs. AT&T
* Comcast vs. EA

* Target vs. Best Buy
* Bank of America vs. Chase
* Charter Communications vs. CenturyLink (Qwest)
* Wells Fargo vs. Citi
* EA vs. Sony
* Sallie Mae vs. Ticketmaster
* DirecTV vs. Dish Network
* PayPal vs. Capital One
* Sears/Kmart vs. Walmart
* Netflix vs. GameStop
* USPS vs. UPS
* Comcast vs. Time Warner Cable
* Spirit vs. Delta
* AT&T vs. Verizon
* Facebook vs. Sprint
* Google vs. Apple

* Best Buy vs. EA
* Facebook vs. USPS

* Comcast vs. DirecTV
* Bank of America vs. Citi
* Ticketmaster vs. Spirit Airlines

* PayPal vs. Charter
* AT&T vs. Apple
* Walmart vs. GameStop

March 29 – April 1

April 2
The Golden Poo winner will be announced April 4


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  1. TheCorporateGeek Says Common Sense Is The Key says:

    I still fail to see how EA is a worse company than Sony. I guess getting hacked and information stolen is ok for people.

    • Total Casual says:

      Does being incompetent and getting hacked really make Sony ‘evil’? To me their love of overpriced memory cards/sticks has always been a big strike against consumers.

      On the other hand, we have EA who are driving the growth in consumer of acceptance of constant DLC over larger expansion packs that gave game consumers greater value. EA has also joined the digital-distribution game via their Origin service, where the consumer is not permitted to own the products they pay for. We’ve also seen that if you insult a forum moderator at the forum for one game, EA will take all your Origin games away. Government-by-corporation, fun stuff!

      • longfeltwant says:

        No. “Evil” is when Sony purposefully developed a business plan, and then exicuted it, to implement a “root kit” software system which would secretly subvert the functioning of their customers’ computers. That is absolutely, positively a crime for which any human would have been prosecuted and sent to jail (and, in fact, many are, quite frequently). Sony at that time should have been given the Corporate Death Penalty, dismantled similar to bankruptcy, and the remains of the company spread to the corners of the earth.

        Being so incompetent with their online gaming services is bad, but it’s unintentionally bad — it’s negligence, not malice. But rooting your customers’ computers is *malice*.

    • macnbc says:

      I’m more shocked that EA beat Best Buy.

      EA only provides an entertainment product, and there’s plenty of competition out there.

      Best Buy is the largest remaining brick and mortar electronics retailer. They regularly fleece many customers on electronics products that are overpriced and more than they need. Their Geek Squad service is generally incompetent and takes advantage of those who aren’t tech-savvy, by making them pay out the nose for services they don’t need, and many times making their systems worse rather than better.

      • tbax929 says:

        Best Buy is easy enough to avoid. I haven’t entered one in at least two years.

        From what I understand, if you’re a gamer EA is much more evil because they buy small software companies and then ruin them. Again, it goes back to who you’re forced to do business with versus who you choose to do business with.

    • BigDragon says:

      Sony isn’t buying up all the successful game developers and running them into the ground. You can avoid Sony. Buy a Sharp TV, Microsoft console, Cannon camera, or something else. You can’t avoid EA when they come in and take over the company you like to buy products from. Then they milk that cow until it’s dead while setting up all sorts of roadblocks to reselling games, holding back content from games to sell it as DLC later, and making it hard for legitimate consumers to actually get their games to play.

    • krom says:

      What EA does is deliberate. What happens to SONY may be the result of negligence, but far from deliberate. SONY did not hack themselves or ask someone to hack them. EA makes deliberate decisions to mis-serve and restrict customers.

    • Cream Of Meat says:

      EA is fucking evil. I just bought tiger woods 12 (*just* iknorite?) only to find out its a repop of a browser streamed golf game, and on the PC it doesn’t even have all the fun commentary that the console versions have. The gameplay is fine, and sorta fun if you’re drunk with friends, but missing the shit talking commentators really makes the game pretty boring. TW 07 was buggy on XP and doesn’t even work on win7!? That plus all the opening day DLC that should just be included in a major release makes EA evil.

      It’s been like that for the half dozen other EA games I’ve bought. All buggy or missing stuff. No support, and you’re basically told to fuck off if you complain on their forums.

      I did like NFSU 1&2 though!

      I think the final four will be EA, facebook, paypal, and ticketmaster. All evil, but I hope EA takes it.

  2. JosephFinn says:

    Oh good, things settled down after the initial silliness of having Apple and the USPS in the second round.

    • homehome says:

      settling down? they still have facebook in the final eight. The one company that no what you do is completely optional.

      • JosephFinn says:

        Considering how many websites require you to sign in for commenting, I’d say it’s slightly less optional than Sprint, so that was a fair win, and then since USPS should never have been in the competition it had to advance. Now AT&T and Facebook is….interesting.

        (Of course, you can make the case that 75% of the companies involved are completely optional.)

  3. HomerSimpson says:

    That Paypal vs Walmart one is gonna be down to the wire for sure.

    • Marlin says:

      I have options for cheap chinese crap but online paying options, esp eBay, are limited.

      I will vote Paypal.

    • Dont lump me into your 99%! says:

      Never really understood the hatred for Walmart. I will generally not buy their meat, but other then that, I have had pretty good experiences there. I have also never been stopped to get my receipt checked.

  4. speaky2k says:

    Well, there goes my wining percentage.
    I thought USPS was more hated than FaceBook… After all USPS is mandatory, a drain on our taxes, constantly screwing things up, & has bad customer service; FB is a voluntary service that is used for entertainment, and while they have done some screwed up things, I don’t think they are that bad in comparison to some other companies.
    Also, since I am not a die-hard gamer I don’t know that much about the EA issue that has come up, but based on the times that Best Buy has been on Consumerist & how poor their repeated performance has been I thought they were a shoe-in to win and go to at least the final 4. Now I have to re-think my entire Right hand side of the bracket.

    • Fubish says: I don't know anything about it, but it seems to me... says:

      “After all USPS is mandatory, a drain on our taxes…”

      Well, no. It ain’t mandatory (ever hear of FedEx or UPS for example?) Any money the USPS gets from the government is used for free services (material for the blind, government franking privileges, etc.).

      • speaky2k says:

        It is mandatory in the fact that I have to have a mail box / PO Box or some where for them to put all the physical mail. It is not the only package delivery service, and for that I am glad.
        As for the tax distribution, I know it cost more than the cost of a stamp to send my letter around the country, the cost is subsidized in my taxes, as well as the programs that are true benefits.

        • Fubish says: I don't know anything about it, but it seems to me... says:

          Your taxes do NOT subsidize the USPS. Do you not understand English?

          • jerry101 says:

            ahhh… But he ‘knows’. Your facts are irrelevant against one who ‘knows’

            And, for the record, i very much doubt that there are any laws whatsoever that say you ‘must’ have a mail or post office box. You must provide a mailing address to do any sort of business or to have a job or to pay taxes or basically live as a normal person, but it’s not mandatory. How many homeless folks do you think have a P.O. Box? Some may, but plenty do not. Of course, those that don’t don’t have a job or have bills to pay or even pay taxes, so no need for a mailing address.

            Point is, if having a mail or post office box is such a burden, just drop out of society and become homeless. It’s a reasonable alternative to big gubmint mail boxes.

            And, for the record, there’s nothing to stop a private company from starting up a mail delivery system, except for the massive start up cost to set up a whole network to collect, process, and deliver mail.

      • George4478 says:

        What do Fedex or UPS have to do with mailing letters or receiving first class mail? By law, they are not an alternative so your citing them as a replacement for the USPS makes no sense.

        • Fubish says: I don't know anything about it, but it seems to me... says:

          If you don’t want to use USPS you can send letters via Fedex or UPS but you will pay accordingly. They certainly are an alternative.

    • mikesanerd says:

      USPS also has a drop box on every corner, a “store” on every block, delivery to someone’s door in 2-3 days for 50 cents, great prices on shipping packages, and they treat their employees the way all employees should be treated. Yes, they have some employees who don’t care, but I don’t even think they deserve to be in the WCIA competition.

  5. lim says:

    “Like, AT&T has proven it didn’t need to buy T-Mobile to become the #1 wireless company in order to beat out industry leader Verizon.”

    Like, I totally read that like a valley girl, and now I can’t, like, stop.

  6. majic2516 says:

    BOA vs. Ticketmaster is going to be epic. TM would be final four material in any other bracket, IMO.

  7. Gardius says:

    Ouch. 5 for 8 last round. Best Buy over EA surprised me, especially.

    My Predictions:
    1. Bank of America
    2. PayPal
    3. Facebook
    4. Comcast

  8. TaraMisu says:

    I’m going for FB all the way only because of that stupid timeline they are forcing down everyone’s throats.

    Yes I realize I could go elsewhere, but my far-flung family is on FB and this is how we stay in touch…..

  9. Dont lump me into your 99%! says:

    I hope comcast goes down. There monopoly of cable in our area is ridiculous (which is a government problem, but I have to vent my rage somewhere).

    • Dont lump me into your 99%! says:

      *their monopoly

      For all the grammar nazi’s

    • BigDragon says:

      I really hate EA and what they’ve been up to the past couple years. However, having lived in a Comcast monopoly area and now living in one where it’s Verizon vs. Comcast it’s amazing how terrible and slow the service in the monopoly area was. It was too much to even ask for cable service that didn’t break up randomly throughout the day or internet that didn’t slow down to dial-up speeds in the evening. Their latest shenanigans over what does and does not count against a ridiculously tiny bandwidth limit is enough to make me put aside my anger over EA and look at the bigger picture. Comcast is worse.

  10. phsiii says:

    BofA all the way, baby. None of the other companies on this list have come close to the repeated, deliberate thievery of BofA. Read and see if you can bring yourself to disagree…

    • Sparkstalker says:

      Rolling Stone should look at it’s roots and go after Ticketmaster. Truly, they’re the worst here, because all the others you have a choice. If I want to get a video game – I don’t have to buy one from EA, and I don’t have to get it from Wal-Mart with my BofA debit card or Paypal. I don’t have to use Facebook to stay in touch with people. I don’t have to have Comcast – basic TV is still broadcast free.

      But if my wifer wants to go see Blue Man Group for her birthday, or my daughter wants to go see Yo Gabba Gabba live? There’s no choice – I have to go through Ticketbastard.

    • Finsternis says:

      Couldn’t agree more. The other companies are all annoying and bureaucratic and so on, but BoA is trule EVIL on a scale so massive that it’s hard for average p[eople to even comprehend. Readth Rolling Stone article and see how they’re helping destory the country and getting away scott free with an outright crime wave for their own profit. Kinda put Ticketmaster’s stupid “convenience fees” and Comcast’s missed appointments in perspective.

  11. samonela says:

    I predict that we will see BofA vs At&t in the finals…

  12. tbax929 says:

    I am rooting for companies that you can’t avoid, so Facebook, EA, and Walmart will not be getting votes from me. I’ll take B of A over Ticketmaster, although I despise Ticketmaster.

    B of A bought my mortgage a year ago (they did sell it a couple of months later), thus forcing me to do business with them again after I’d already fired them for being such an epic failure.

    Comcast has a monopoly in many areas. Although I never had problems with them when they were my cable company, I’ve read enough about things they’ve screwed up that I’d vote for them. I can’t vote for EA becase, again, I completely avoid them as a company. I’m not a gamer and know very little about them.

    My final four (which won’t be how it plays out) is B of A, Paypal, Comcast, and AT&T.

  13. ILoveBacon says:

    My guesses for the next round is AT&T, Comcast, Walmart, and Bank of America.

  14. SoCalGNX says:

    B of A should hold the crown. There are far too many reasons to list here.

  15. krom says:

    Prediction BOA (close), Walmart, AT&T, Comcast.

  16. pamelad says:

    Go, go, go Facebook! I mean as in winning this elite contest and sometime going away. I feel a bit left out by not being on Facebook, but I’ve never been comfortable with its privacy policies and surreptitious changes.

  17. suburbancowboy says:

    Wal-Mart and Bank of America are the clear cut worst in this whole batch.

    Normally I would put Wal-Mart leaps and bounds ahead of anyone else inhere. No contest. BUt after reading the Taibbi article in RS about BOA, I’m not so sure anymore.

    Wal-Mart and BOA are the two companies here which are both responsible for destroying the American economy. Wal-Mart does it through destroying mom and pop retailers, and requiring vendors to move their factories to China.

    That said, why is Monsanto never on this list? They are pure f’ing evil.

  18. Shmoodog says:

    Offhand, I say Ticketmaster is the definitive winner/worst company. They overcharge, abuse their monopoly, make scalpers rich across the country, and open consumers up to fraud as they try to do ANYTHING except pay RIDICULOUS prices for concert tickets – not to mention the load of fees we must pay to boot.

    They’ve only gotten worse as times goes on – how is their even any competition for their poo-flavored customer service?

    • Shmoodog says:

      Please don’t sue me for the misplaced “their” – I honestly don’t know how that happened, and am usually very conscientious about it.

  19. 2 Replies says:

    I’m betting it’ll be BoA vs Comcast in the final round.