Bragging On The Radio About How You Lied To Get Out Of Jury Duty Is A Bad Idea

Yapping about how you lied to get out of anything mandatory is always a bad idea if you don’t want to get caught, but doing it publicly over the airwaves to crow over how you got out of jury duty? That’s just begging for trouble, as a woman in Denver found out recently.

The Denver Post says the dishonest citizen dressed up as crazy as she could to appear for her jury duty summon: “Her hair hung askew in curlers. Her shoes and reindeer socks mismatched. Heavy makeup was smeared on her face.”

She claimed she had post-traumatic stress disorder and said she had broken out of “domestic violence in the military” and had a lot of repercussions. The judge quickly dismissed her.

Cut to a month later, and she’s facing felony charges of perjury and attempting to influence a public servant, after allegedly yakking about her stunt on a radio program. The judge who had dismissed her just happened to be tuned in that day.

On air, she apparently related how she’d shown up disheveled to appear mentally ill, and talked about how she told the story to clients at her business and they all thought it was funny. Investigators quickly found her after the program aired.

*Thanks for the tip, Howard!

Juror who lied to get out of duty arrested after bragging about it months later on talk radio [Denver Post]

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