Curb Your Impatience At The Pump Lest You Cause A Fiery Explosion

While being stuck behind a Hummer can inspire irrational thought in anyone, check that impatience and irritation when you’re in line at the gas pump. One woman found out the serious repercussions of trying to cut ahead of another customer, when she caused a fiery explosion at a Miami Beach gas station.

Witnesses tell CBS 4 that the driver of an SUV just couldn’t handle waiting any longer for her turn at the next available pump, so she swerved in front of the Hummer that was next in line.

She sped up to cut around the Hummer, and apparently lost control and then slammed into the gas pump — which erupted into flames. It’s all caught on tape, showing two women runing from the SUV as other vehicles back away from the explosion.

No one was reported injured, and it’s unsure whether any line-jumping, fire-causing charges will be filed.

Next time — take a deep breath and count back from 100.

*Thanks for the tip, Ed!

Driver Causes Gas Pump Explosion In Miami Beach [CBS 4]

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