Condo Association Puts Lien On Woman's Townhouse Over Tiny Flower Garden

After feeling bullied by her condo association about her wee front yard flower garden, a New Hampshire woman says she recently looked into selling her townhouse, only to find out the association has placed a lien on the property.

See, even though the condo bylaws neither forbid nor expressly permit the planting of gardens, the association has been issuing $50/day fines against the homeowner, saying they simply want all the buildings in the complex to look the same.

Those fines now total close to $6,000 plus legal fees.

The woman tells WBZ-TV that she has offered to uproot the garden and pay some of the association’s legal fees, but her proposition was turned down.

“Now we’ve gone down a rabbit hole that I just can’t seem to get out of and it’s very sad, and it’s upsetting,” she says.

NH Woman Sued For Planting Flowers In Her Front Yard []

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