Why Does My Internet Connection Take A Daily Afternoon Siesta?

Three hours. That’s how long Nate’s Internet connection goes out for, every day except Saturday. He has no idea why. His Internet service provider, Charter, has no idea why. All Charter is able to do is send technician after technician to check out the problem, replace hardware, and ultimately not solve the problem.

Since August of 2011 I have had 7 technicians in my house to fix my internet with Charter. I have literally had every piece of cable, hardware, modem, line, and pole replaced from outside my house into my living room.

My internet has gone out for exactly three hours every day sometime between 12pm and 5:30pm M-F and Sundays. (Miraculously not Saturdays).

I’ve had enough, I don’t really have an option due to regulation of the cable industry, I have limited choice for my home internet. I no longer want someone traipsing through my living room to tell me the signals are fine.

Most recently they agreed to send a line technician who would not need access to my house this past Friday. I happened to be home when the door rang. He asked for access to my house anyways, reviewed everything inside, looked outside, looked at the pole and agreed he would monitor my connection from his house (weird).

I again had issues Sun, Mon, so I called back, I utilized their community site, and again was told by a representative that before they could escalate the issue they needed to have a technician come to my house, they noticed some signal deterioration. If there was an issue why would it not be all day long, why just those hours. And why can’t the tech that was just here on Friday be able to escalate it.

I’m at my wits end. I just want them to admit there is a problem on their end and stop wasting my time at home by sending someone each time to tell me there isn’t a problem and the signals look good.

It’s not for raging competence that Charter has advanced to the Sweet Sixteen in the Worst Company in America 2012 tournament. It took a huge amount of persuasion on one reader’s part to make Charter fix the poor connection of an entire neighborhood when there was a concrete problem to fix.

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