Why Does My Internet Connection Take A Daily Afternoon Siesta?

Three hours. That’s how long Nate’s Internet connection goes out for, every day except Saturday. He has no idea why. His Internet service provider, Charter, has no idea why. All Charter is able to do is send technician after technician to check out the problem, replace hardware, and ultimately not solve the problem.

Since August of 2011 I have had 7 technicians in my house to fix my internet with Charter. I have literally had every piece of cable, hardware, modem, line, and pole replaced from outside my house into my living room.

My internet has gone out for exactly three hours every day sometime between 12pm and 5:30pm M-F and Sundays. (Miraculously not Saturdays).

I’ve had enough, I don’t really have an option due to regulation of the cable industry, I have limited choice for my home internet. I no longer want someone traipsing through my living room to tell me the signals are fine.

Most recently they agreed to send a line technician who would not need access to my house this past Friday. I happened to be home when the door rang. He asked for access to my house anyways, reviewed everything inside, looked outside, looked at the pole and agreed he would monitor my connection from his house (weird).

I again had issues Sun, Mon, so I called back, I utilized their community site, and again was told by a representative that before they could escalate the issue they needed to have a technician come to my house, they noticed some signal deterioration. If there was an issue why would it not be all day long, why just those hours. And why can’t the tech that was just here on Friday be able to escalate it.

I’m at my wits end. I just want them to admit there is a problem on their end and stop wasting my time at home by sending someone each time to tell me there isn’t a problem and the signals look good.

It’s not for raging competence that Charter has advanced to the Sweet Sixteen in the Worst Company in America 2012 tournament. It took a huge amount of persuasion on one reader’s part to make Charter fix the poor connection of an entire neighborhood when there was a concrete problem to fix.


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  1. Marlin says:

    Keep calling everyday and make sure to ask for a credit each time.

    Also see if charter has a Facebook page and twitter feed and bring it up there everyday as well.

    • selianth says:

      We did this for about 6 months straight. It got old really, really fast. Who wants to dedicate that much time to that problem?

      Our issue was frequent dropped connections, which was probably happening to everyone else in the apartment complex too, but we were the only ones who noticed it because we were the ones playing MMPORGs that required a steady connection. (This was back in 2000, so those games weren’t as common.) Turned out a nearby ham radio operator spent his evenings chatting away and the poorly shielded lines in the street were the unfortunate victims. They finally had to dig ’em up and replace them.

  2. Bremma says:

    Do you have any roommates that could be doing something odd with the connection? I had a similar issue when I roomed with 3 other people. There was a 2 month period where one roommate had her boyfriend staying with her, and in the evening I would get spotty to no connection on the line. It fixed itself once the boyfriend left, and numerous calls to Verizon could no diagnose what exactly happened. I still have no clue what went wrong, but just sharing a tale.

    • Captain Spock says:

      Her Boyfriend was peaking the line with Bittorrent or something like that… If you don’t limit the connection on some downloading it will peak your line, and web browsing will be very slow. When I purchase something that will take a lot of bandwith to deliver (such as an HD movie) I will limit the connection speed to that computer until it finishes.

      • Bremma says:

        That does make sense! If I ever encounter a situation like that again (unlikely as that particular rooming arrangement put me off roommates), I will have to keep that fix in mind. Thanks!

        • Cream Of Meat says:

          You can cap up and downstream speed in many applications, and in some routers you can set priority and even speed caps to each device connected or port being used.

  3. JMK from CT says:

    Is it possible the OP has some software on his computer with some parental controls that might turn off the internet during those hours?

  4. rpm773 says:

    Sounds like it could be something upstream from the OP’s house. Do his neighbors have Charter? Is there anyway to verify that they have the problem as well?

    I write this feeling full-well that Charter should be the one doing the research here and not the OP. But having more information never hurts.

    • rpm773 says:

      Also, the OP may try acquiring a traceroute program and then running a trace on http://www.google.com to see if/where there is a node where the connection hangs.

      • scoutermac says:

        I had this problem when I lived near Evansville, IN with a local ISP called Sit-Co. They offered fixed wireless internet. The internet would go down and they claimed it was my antenna loosing connectivity. So I would run a trace route and every time the trace would go all the way to their routers in Evansville then drop off. I took screen shots then emailed this to them but they never replied nor cared. Eventually we switched to Verizon DSL when it became available.

        • rpm773 says:

          Yeah, you can throw the evidence back in their faces, but unfortunately they’re the ones that ultimately have to fix it. At least it cuts through the crap.

  5. deejmer says:

    Yeah, I lived this for about 2 years. They never fixed it.

    I think its safe to say that Charter is filled with inept asshats from highest level management to the lowest CSR or line worker. They take money from fine US citizens (does who knows what with it) through their lovely monopoly model, and miraculously it always results in their Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.

    Fuck Charter. The are fucktarded.

    • madfrog says:

      I had a very similar problem for 2 years also. It was with my TV, however. I had no less than 15 techs in the house going over every wire and connection. 4 new boxes and still nothing but problems. Was told point blank by a tech that they know that they have way too much info coming into the boxes/cable lines but basically dont give a flying fuck. They know that most people don’t have a choice, so why care? Luckily, moved out and went over to Dish/ATT- absolutely no problems with TV and Internet. Oh, and the picture is absolutey crystal clear.

      I will never, ever, every go back to Charter. If I didn’t have a choice, I would rather watch DVD’s than use them.

  6. scoutermac says:

    My AT&T U-Verse internet gets very very slow at certain times of the day everyday.

    • Bsamm09 says:

      Same here.

      • lemortede says:

        That is actually the nature of cable internet. They have a single pull into the neighborhood. If you are are the only one on it its smoking fast. As more and more of your neighbors use the connection it gets slower at peak times.

    • bhr says:

      If I can guess, the times are 3-5, 7-10?

      From my own experience in now two residential areas my internet gets much slower in those two windows. I guess that it is first kids, than adults, getting home and getting online to do things like stream movies and play games.

      • scoutermac says:

        Mine has been more around noon to 1pm. Then 5 to 7pm. But pretty close. I also notice that sometimes the connection will drop out all together and the activity light on the modem turns red. But it does not last long and it does not happen often.

    • swarrior216 says:

      Mine does too, especially on weekends. It also cuts out twice a day once in the morning and once at night for about 10min.

  7. deathbecomesme says:

    Escalated it up the supervisor chain each time you call. Keep written records of when you called and who you spoke with. Each time you call with trouble ask them to get the local plant supervisor involved since his idiot field techs can’t get it resolved. Record your calls if possible and ask the techs that come out to speak with you before leaving and tell you what the resolution is. Dont accept “We’ll keep an eye on it for a few days” anymore. Demand that it be resolved or demand compensation. Be persistent. Eventually they will get tired of you calling and get it fixed.

    • madfrog says:

      That’s exactly what I did, and after 2 years and 15 techs, moved out and got another provider. They know all about the problem, trust me. Have talked to numerous people in my area and everyone of them is having the same problem.

  8. DJ Charlie says:

    Sounds like OP has a leech on their line.

    Basically, someone living nearby who may/may not have Charter themselves has tapped the line and is leeching net access. I went through that a few years ago myself. It was a physical connection they’d wired in and hidden running from the junction box for my apartment, and down 2 doors to theirs.

    I’d suggest checking for any “extra” cabling.

    • Maltboy wanders aimlessly through the Uncanny Valley says:

      This is what I was thinking. Either that or they tapped his wireless router.

    • Jawaka says:

      I was thinking something along those lines as well. Most real technical problems don’t occur on a regular schedule however people do tend to get home from work or school, etc… on a regular schedule.

  9. damicatz says:

    Do you have any neighbors that aren’t around on Saturdays?

    It sounds like one of your neighbors may be doing something that they shouldn’t or perhaps has a faulty device causing issues only when they are using the internet. Low quality coaxial surge protectors (the ones where you plug the cable TV cable into and then another cable to the cable modem) can generate noise which can interfere with the entire block or even node. It could also be a faulty cable modem or someone trying to steal cable service who only has their tap hooked up during the times they are perusing their ill-gotten cable service.

  10. The hand that feeds, now with more bacon says:

    It’s not that uncommon on cable internet which is shared between all the subscribers in a node. Here’s my experience with Time Warner: http://i40.tinypic.com/10en7te.jpg

  11. The Cybernetic Entomologist says:

    Sounds like power in Haiti.

  12. Fubish says: I don't know anything about it, but it seems to me... says:

    Could be somebody sharing that pipe in your area is causing this. Do you know of anybody else nearby who has the same problem? Could be switching issue in their facility.

    I have similar issues with Fairpoint in Vermont and they swear that everything is OK when it happens. I live in a rural area and share DSL with very few people nearby and they sort of have the same problem but Fairpoint says “everything looks good on this end” to us.

  13. Mr Grey says:

    I have a similar issue with Charter – 8:30pm every night for about 30 minutes.

  14. Maltboy wanders aimlessly through the Uncanny Valley says:

    1. Change the router ID and change the router settings so it does not transmit the new network ID.
    2. Use WPA or WPA2 with a strong password.
    3. Change the password your modem uses to access your wireless provider.

  15. scmill says:

    I had a similar problem with Charter several years ago. Mine would drop to a crawl with frequent outages every day between 1:00-3:00PM. I had determined the problem was not inside my house, but Charter was unconvinced sending technician after technician out to look into it but never resolving it.

    I telecommute, and the ultimate solution was to convince my employer to install a business line for me. It’s still Charter, but now it’s not me calling their Level 1 support with their scripts. It’s my Fortune 50 employer logging a trouble ticket with their vendor, and Charter has a short SLA to get it fixed. My residential line’s issues miraculously disappeared once Charter had to keep the business line up and running.

    • scoutermac says:

      The interesting thing is. Comcast gives me two options for internet. Spend $100/month for cable internet/cable tv with 250GB cap. Or for $50/month I can order Comcast Business class internet without a cap.

      Hm.. which would you chose?

  16. gqcarrick says:

    I’m just wondering if he has a router in place. You can program routers to limit bandwidth during certain hours for certain mac addresses. Maybe that’s the case but I’m just guessing. That’s really strange.

  17. Cvscam says:

    I had an issue like this my internet would slow down every night(less than dial up) at 8pm to 11pm, they did the same thing to me for about 1 month they kept sending techs to replace every piece of cable and router. The last tech finally told me “oh yea there a thing burned out that cost over 100k to repair and when demand starts to peak your losing bandwith and I told the office to stop sending me out on slow internet calls until they fix it.”

    • nwgray says:

      Nice. Things that make you go hmm . . .

    • damicatz says:

      Sounds more like an over-congested node.

      Generally, the evening hours are when most people use their internet and thus, when the highest congestion occurs. 8:00PM to 11:00PM are hours that fall within peak usage for a typical cable internet network because everyone is relaxing for a nice evening at home streaming Netflix videos.

      $100,000 is excessive unless they actually have to run new fiber in the ground. Typically, nodes are built out, the cable company runs extra fiber in addition to what they are using; known as “Dark Fiber”, so that they don’t have to run more fiber later on. Your front-line techs (those that actually come to your house in the vans and interact with you) are not typically going to be experienced with the backend stuff; especially with HFC networks and so it’s not necessarily a deliberate lie on their part.

  18. incident man stole my avatar says:

    Got a friend with Charter in Long Beach,Washington and his internet slows to a crawl every evening between 6 and 10. Charter keeps saying they’re going to upgrade their systems but has done nothing.

  19. archer117 says:

    I think the key here is that it happens every day but Saturday. Does Nate live in an observant Jewish neighborhood or near a business owned by observant Jews? Whatever is causing the problem, whether it’s a device connected to the internet, or a strong radio frequency field, it’s clearly not running on Saturdays. Hmmm. More detective work is needed.

  20. archer117 says:

    I think the key here is that it happens every day but Saturday. Does Nate live in an observant Jewish neighborhood or near a business owned by observant Jews? Whatever is causing the problem, whether it’s a device connected to the internet, or a strong radio frequency field, it’s clearly not running on Saturdays. Hmmm. More detective work is needed.

  21. archer117 says:

    I think the key here is that it happens every day but Saturday. Does Nate live in an observant Jewish neighborhood or near a business owned by observant Jews? Whatever is causing the problem, whether it’s a device connected to the internet, or a strong radio frequency field, it’s clearly not running on Saturdays. Hmmm. More detective work is needed.

    • Captain Spock says:

      wow, your subtle racism is magnified every double post. I will forgive you if you are Jewish (I am)

      • Bsamm09 says:

        How is that racist? Do observant Jews usually use the internet on Saturday therefore making his comment an unfair stereotype?

        I don’t know. My roommate is Jewish and he is on the internet all day on saturday working. But I wouldn’t classify him as observant. He eats a lot of pork.

        • HogwartsProfessor says:

          I’m not Jewish, but if you were pretty observant I would imagine you would not be working online on Saturday. At Exjob, we had a lot of Jewish clients (especially in New York) and they were completely unavailable on holidays. I would mark my calendar with all the Jewish (and Canadian) holidays so I could ship stuff around them.

      • elangomatt says:

        Wow, I think you are being overly sensitive here. This person is merely trying to explain the odd fact the outage never happens on Saturday. Judaism happens to have their day of rest on Saturday instead of on Sunday when most Christians have their day of worship. I don’t really see a problem with that. And for the record, I am Jewish.

    • The hand that feeds, now with more bacon says:

      I think it has little to do with religion, but the culprit probably has some other engagement on Saturdays that keeps him from destroying network throughput for everyone else.

  22. mikedt says:

    Ah the beauty of being a monopoly. This and the “neighborhood outage” link are quite eye opening. I’m currently with comcast since I have no other choice and have been lucky so far. But it’s easy to see that neither company gives a damn because they don’t have to. And considering that Verizon and Comcast have agreed to stay out of each other’s area (wired/wireless) it’s also easy to see that it will take a generation for this to get better – if it ever does.

    • Captain Spock says:

      It’s funny with Comcast… I get double the speed of my parents from one town over (and they have a pretty fast line) the only slowdowns i get are on streaming video sites in the afternoon during this period, but that is probably just capacity issues server side, since I can peak my line at the normal rate during this time…

  23. human_shield says:

    His neighbor hooked up a switch to his line and laughs 3 hours a day.

  24. Press1forDialTone says:

    The time period you mention is a peak time for business class cable Internet users,
    who are, most often businesses. They pay $$$ for perfect quality of service (in the
    industry this is known as QOS). Windows network kernel programming and probably
    Mac as well accommodate QOS standards lobbied for by guess who businesses.

    The cable companies have total control over the behavior of your cable modem.
    If they know they don’t have the capacity to satisfy their business contracts during
    a time period of the day (these contracts have to specify exactly which days the
    cable Internet service must be at a certain high level) . they can slow-down or
    shut off (in the network sense) your non-business modem. They will target
    certain modems in certain areas that they know will affect those business
    customers. Who do you think the cable-based Internet system is really being
    tailored for now? Business. Always business.

    So unless you can prove that Charter is engaged in this practice which in your
    state might be legal (!!!) you have to live with it. You could sue them in small
    claims court for not providing service, you could alert the media for an investigation
    after you show them what’s going on. you could write your regulatory board in your
    city or state and tell them (they’re probably in cohoots with the cable company
    unfortunately but its worth a try)…..

  25. human_shield says:

    His neighbor hooked up a switch to his line and laughs 3 hours a day.

  26. Freddie says:

    Have any of your neighbours on Charter got the same issue at the same time of day? If someone’s not leeching your signal, (you can check it by following Maltboy’s suggestion) then I’d bet that Charter’s got automated maintenance running on a backwards schedule. Someone’s programmed maintenance to run at mid-day instead of midnight.

  27. polishhillbilly says:

    So charter is doing what every other company does
    Replace parts, and not diagnose the real problem?
    It’s how car dealers stay in business, and how AT&T operates

  28. Derigiberble says:

    This is a bit of an extreme measure, but you could switch over to charter business. It involves a likely speed cut and a definite price hike, but you have no download caps and more importantly you get routed through their business support which is light years ahead of their residential support. The modem is much better too and your traffic gets priority so you’ll get your max speed 24/7.

    I had an issue where I would lose connectivity for a second or so every now and then (just long enough to kill my VPN connection) and they came right out the day I called and tracked it down.

  29. Shouhdes says:

    Dum Diddly doo. Can’t comment on here.

  30. dullard says:

    Someone on your node may be loading it down. Ask (tell?) Charter to put you on another node.

  31. AngryK9 says:

    It is most like not a problem in your home or with the hardware. The fact that it works fine one day indicates that the hardware is fine. I’d start looking out your window from time to time, to make sure someone isn’t outside tapping into your service. It’s a lot easier to do than people realize…

  32. u1itn0w2day says:

    Sounds like an older copper broadband network is being taxed by a business on the same node. Until these companies get a full and not partial fiber network the older copper equipment can’t keep up.

    Call during the time you can’t actually get access or it slows down. You need a tech out their when the problem is occuring.

  33. mikesanerd says:

    I wonder if this is a wireless problem only or if he has tried plugging his computer in. I’m thinking maybe someone could be doing something every day that interferes with the signal on his router. This type of thing happens occasionally on cell networks when some amateur electrician rigs up some device that produces interference whenever he turns it on.

  34. NightSteel says:

    I’m currently in Charter hell myself. My cable modem frequently retrains, and sometimes stays down for long periods of time. There is no rhyme or reason to the timing. It’s happened at 10 am, 6 pm, 9 pm, 10 pm, 2 am.. I notice packets start dropping and then, eventually, my cable modem loses sync. Sometimes it retrains fairly quickly and stays solid, sometimes it’ll retrain 3-4 times in a row, sometimes it stays down for a couple hours before finally coming back. A couple phone reps have told me to take my router out of the loop, despite that my router is NOT between the cable modem and the outside world and therefore could not be causing my cable modem to lose sync.

    It’s been happening for weeks now, and they missed a technician appointment with me yesterday. So far, they’ve granted me about $50 worth of credit, and I have another appointment scheduled for today. It’s driving me crazy. If I could switch to a fiber connection, I’d have done it long ago. The DSL provider in my area is *Frontier*, and there’s no way in Hell I’m switching to them. I’ve dealt with them too much in my day job, and their support is (somehow) even more incompetent.

    I have the feeling that they’re going to blame my cable modem, too. I bought my own because of their extortionate modem rental fees. I decided on a Motorola SB6120, the DOCSIS 3 modem, in case I ever wanted to turn up the speed of my service to a point where DOCSIS 3 was required. It’s capable of much higher speeds than what I am paying for, I’ve had it for less than a year, and I have it attached to a UPS, so I know it’s getting good power.

    I just want stable Internet! Is that so freakin’ much to ask?!

  35. Charlie Marlow says:

    I had a similar problem with Comcast for about 3 months. They kept sending techs out and even put in what they called a hot-tap at the pole. Like clockwork, though, my internet connection would go out at about 1 each afternoon and not return until after 9 PM. The issue was finally resolved when Comcast discovered a bad fan in the box housing some of their outdoor equipment.

  36. fruvous says:

    Not to blame the OP but could it be something that they are doing? I’ve heard stories of where an outlet was on a switch and a user’s internet would go out at the same time every day for the same amount of time. Turns out that someone was turning off the switch as they leave and turning it back on when they come back.

  37. radiofreekevin says:

    Disclaimer: Apologies if this is redundant.

    I had a similar problem with my Internet connection a few years ago. Like clockwork, the signal would just drop out during the early evening hours. It took several calls to my local cable company and several visits from their technicians before we figured out the problem. At first, the best they could guess was high local traffic from my neighbors was simply bogging things down. But we eventually figured out that the cable company had recently upgraded its Internet service to DOCSIS 3.0, and my modem was only 2.0 compatible. After upgrading my modem, I didn’t have those dropped signals anymore.

    It’s worth asking about. Good luck.

  38. Scamazon says:

    Huh, The AT&T DSL service in my neighborhood usually slows down between Noon and 3 pm. Everyone in the neighborhood who has AT&T has mentioned it and complained. Those complaints have numerous excuses according to AT&T but have never been addressed. The solution with some of my neighbors is finding another service…

  39. Tacojelly says:

    I have a similar problem, though not as bad. My connection will drop in speed occasionally, and the cable company can’t/won’t fix it; however, not everyday.

    And like this guy, I have two choices for home internet. At&t and Comcast.

    I wish there were laws in place holding telecom companies accountable for crappy service. Maybe they could take their hard earned dollars and increase (and better) their infrastructure or hire better techs. I understand that nothing’s perfect, but when I’m forced to choose from 2 cable companies and 1 electricity company I expect their to be laws in place to protect the consumer.

  40. chemmy says:

    I wonder if this guy lives in the Canton/Braselton areas because a friend of mine had the same problem. His internet would go out every afternoon between 11am-5pm ish and then would go out again around 2am until 6-7am. Charter also sent someone out time and time again and then decided it wasn’t their problem and my friend must not be able to use the computer. Month after month I’d call Charter and ask for a partial credit on the bill because of the outages. They never did fix it but thankfully he moved and doesn’t have to deal with them anymore.

  41. framitz says:

    I wonder if the cable is routed overhead, exposed to the elements. I’ve seen strange problems in the past similar to this. I drove around following the cable route and spotted an inline amplifier that was cracked.
    I called and reported the amplifier, they replaced it and tried to hire me. That was the end of cable problems the rest of the time I lived at that location.

    If the cable runs under ground, check sprinkler timing.

    Also check router logs if you use a router. On some they get flaky if the security log gets full.

  42. Greyhound says:

    I had this problem with DSL once. It would drop at the same time every day, but not for 3 hours. I know it was on their end because I could run traceroutes and see exactly where everything stopped responding. They never figured out and I ended up moving. It was a disaster.

  43. Tunnen says:

    If he’s using a router, maybe check to ensure it doesn’t have the parental controls setup on it to block internet access during certain times. Which sounds like it might be the problem if it’s exactly the same time everyday for the same period of time.

    Best way to troubleshoot is to ensure that you take a computer (With up-to-date firewall and antivirus program) and connect directly by wire to the cable modem. This will ensure that the issue is not any of your equipment (Routers/switches, wireless signal interference, etc.). If you have a spare computer, you might also try testing the same way with it to rule out any issue with the configuration of the TCP/IP stack on your computer (Some malware/viruses can screw with that)

    If you have your computer connected directly to the modem, like I stated above, and there is no longer any issue, that means the problem is somewhere in your equipment (Which the ISP won’t deal with). Try hooking up the router and connect via ethernet cable and see if the problem returns. If not, then try removing the cable and connect via wireless. Basically keep making only 1 change at a time to see where you introduce the issue, then you will find the device that’s causing the issue, then you can have that equipment repaired/replaced.

    If you have your computer connected directly to the modem, like I stated above, and there is still an issue, that means the problem is in the ISPs equipment or configuration. You could try to narrow this down by seeing if you can still ping the gateway, if that works, perhaps try to ping a website like Google. If you can ping the Gateway, but not Google, try running a trace route “tracert http://www.google.com” and see what the last node your computer makes it out to, this might help the ISP track down the issue. I’m assuming that if the problem gets to this step that a lot more then just the OP will be effected.

  44. Tairom says:

    Given the issue as described, I would lean towards it being an over heating issue with some piece of equipment. It happens “between 12pm and 5:30pm”, arguably the warmest part of the day. This could be an issue with any stage of the connection, from the CO to the computer network card. The Saturday issue makes it a bit strange, but that would make me lean more towards it occurring on your end, within the home. Being home all day on Saturday, typical for most, may mean that you maintain a cooler indoor temperature on that day, thus what ever equipment may be causing the over heating fault to remain cooler throughout the day.

    Just a thought, but try running your cooling system a bit harder for a few days and see how that affects the issue.

    On a side note, if you live in a high humidity area, running the cooling system tends to also draw moister out of the air, but can create condensation on the surfaces of equipment that contain significantly higher internal temperatures, which would be an entirely different issue.

  45. Gehasst says:

    The only way I take something to Charter is via @charter on twitter. They actually take the time to get the ball rolling. It would take 3+ calls to their support line, for one a few tweets can accomplish on twitter.

    Currently, I’m awaiting Charter to dig up my yard & replace a cable that they believe is causing my drops at the modem that has been happening since I moved into my house about 1.5 years ago. Lucky me. I’ve been through 5 modems now in the past 1.5 years, and finally it dawned on someone it might not be a modem issue (which I had thought long ago, but hey, what does the customer know (who works in IT in networking (LAN/WAN/ect)

  46. Forbidden says:

    Once upon a time I worked for a business ISP. We provided internet over T1 to various businesses, but the lines themselves were owned and operated by Verizon (mostly). We had one customer that all of a sudden would have their line go down every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning. Starting around 6am or so, then come back on roughly 11 or 12. Since we didn’t service the line, all we could do is put in a ticket with Verizon, but the line would always be back up by the time the tech got there and everything was working.

    This went on for weeks until one morning I was looking out the window of my office and it hit me: The sprinkler system. They would water the lawns every monday, wednesday, and friday morning. The water would flood the line, causing it to go down. By the time the sun was up for a while, it would dry out.

    In this case, what I’d do it type in into your browser and see if you can access your cable modem’s console. It should keep logs and you can find out which side of your cable modem is having the issue for certain.

  47. evilpete says:

    Maybe you have a neighborhood bandwidth hog that does not partake on the Sabbath?

  48. Professor59 says:

    He has a neighbor who is sucking up the bandwidth. Charter could trace it if they wanted to.

  49. fraterormus says:

    I had a similar issue. My internet went out for 3 hours every morning, just like clockwork. The numerous Techs that came out couldn’t figure out what was causing it. Of course a Tech tried replacing all the equipment but the problem returned the next morning. Turns out the power brick to my cable modem was getting direct morning sunlight through the window causing it to overheat slightly and lose power (the power brick was rated at 3 Amps and the Cable Modem needed a minimum of 3 Amps to run properly, and when it got hot it was only putting out 2.5 Amps). The solution was to use a 3.5 Amp power brick so when it got hot and it lost half an Amp it still was enough to power the Cable Modem (or the even easier solution of just keeping the blinds closed when there was morning sun). It was frustrating in the months it took to troubleshoot but afterward the Tech that finally figured out the root cause and I both had a laugh and a good story to tell to others.

  50. RiverStyX says:

    When I was on AT&T’s dsl, every day from like 4-7pm my speed would slow to like, less than half of what it was supposed to be..Went from 6mbit down to like 2, it was so annoying.

  51. teqjack says:

    The problem is probably external, but finding it…

    Back in the late Sixties, the computer at the company would fail every Monday morning. It took months to track it to the machinery at a neighboring company being turned on for the week, causing surges and drops for an hour or so,

  52. ECA says:

    lets ask some questions FIRST..

    WIRED?? someone is interrupting the connection SOME PLACE.. probably NEAR YOU..
    ASK the tech if anyone else along YOUR LINE has the same problem..ask them to PING those modems..

    Wireless?? THAT is a pain..someone could ACTUALLY, be taking over the line OR causing a signal loss due to radio interference.. even SUN SPOTS.. Rig up a reflector to direct all WIRELESS signal TO YOU..its not hard…aluminum foil on the back side even ON THE WALL..

  53. matt314159 says:

    OP, have you tried the Charter Direct forms at dslreports? They were able to escalate some of my more complicated problems when I was a charter customer. Not sure if that’s what you meant when you said you used their community site or not, but thought I’d throw that out there, in case any of the other 77 comments haven’t mentioned it. (I’m at work and can’t sift through them, sorry)

  54. Robert Nagel says:

    Is the OP accessing the internet through a wireless router in the home? If so I would look to a neighbor having some gadget that is interfering with the signal. For example, wireless security cameras can be found that run on the same frequency as the wireless router and completely blank them out. It happened to me. Look around for some repeated activity nearby. Wire the computer directly into the access point with a cable and see if that eliminates the problem.
    Check the basement of gnomes.

  55. octopede says:

    I’d like to share a personal anecdote that may be of interest.

    A pal used to work at a print-on-demand facility, using one of those ginormous copy machines that’s 15 feet long. It was in front of a window. Every day, at a certain time, the copy machine’s computerized ‘brain’ would freeze and the screen would display gibberish. A few restarts, and it would correct, but no-one could figure out why it was always at a certain time.

    Eventually, while looking out the window, someone noticed that at the given time, a telecom company across the way realigned its dishes to another satellite, in effect pointing them right at the copy machine, which somehow caused the dichorotron whatsits or whatever to crap out.

    The point is: what’s happening near Nate at this time? Power grid switch-over? Change in stoplights? It’s curious. Still: Charter should be able to detect the problem on their lines during the timeframe. Anyway.

  56. TOWNIE says:

    I think I can fix your problem, as I had a similar issue with my digital cable service from Comcast. Something is wrong with your account, and a computer somewhere is interupting your service. The only way to fix this is to cancel your service, and have a new account made up. Mind you, you cant just have them disconnect and reconnect you. You need to have a whole new account. BTW good luck convincing them of this. I argued for almost a year before someone at Comcast finally would do that for me. Then POOF, no more problem.

  57. CarlS says:

    Log into your cable modem and your router and check that the “Hours of Use” settigs have not been activated. If so, that could easily be set to deny access from this hour to that hour.

  58. TRRosen says:

    reminds me of the story of an IT DIrector that had a problem with the main server going doing a couple of times a week in the middle of the night. He tried everything and couldn’t find the problem. So finally he decided to stay the night and see if he could watch it go down. after several hours the janitor walks into the room empties the wastebasket and then walks over to the server rack unplugs the server and plugs in his vacuum. after a few minutes he finishes unplugs the vac and plugs in the server. The IT guy looks at him and says do you vacuum in here a lot…couple of times a week says the janitor.

  59. kujospam says:

    It could be possible that a router, or cable modem with router is set to not work during those times. I know on my router I have options that prevent certain programs or all programs to stop working at times setup like a schedule. Do you have someone’s old router?