Worst Company In America Round One: Google Vs. Apple

Here we are at the final match of Round One in the Worst Company In America 2012 Tournament. And while you can argue whether or not we’ve saved the best for last, these two competitors are certainly two of the biggest.

Both companies do a lot of things right but are also afflicted by hubris and make decisions that turn consumers away.

Google is the largest and most popular search engine. YouTube is the largest video uploading site. It seems like everyone has a gmail address (if only to subscribe to porn sites) and Google+ is gradually picking up steam. Not to mention the love many people have for Google Maps, the Chrome browser and the Android OS for mobile devices.

So why does Google need to track everything you do on each of its sites and services? Or Google’s first attempt at social networking, Google Buzz, which landed the company in hot water with the FTC for failing to live up to its privacy promises?

And then there’s Apple, which has succeeded in making products — especially its mobile devices — that customers love and are willing to pay a premium for. But even though devices like the iPad and iPhone dominate their respective markets, does that make them good for consumers?

Consumerist reader Dan explains his anger at Apple’s gouging customers on the popular tablet:

Okay so I get that people love the iPad. I would buy one too. But I don’t see how the company gets away with charging an extra $100 above the base model simply for throwing in an extra 16GB of storage memory – or $200 for another 48GB. Storage memory is the cheapest thing going these days. Apple is actually keeping the device out of the hands of people who could really use it by charging such ridiculous amounts for what is really just a few dollars worth of extra memory.

We expect there to be some heated debate on this one, so let’s just get to the vote, shall we?

(Voting for this poll will close at 11:59 p.m. ET on Tuesday March 20.)

This is a post in our Worst Company In America 2012 series. The companies competing for this honor were chosen by you, the readers. See the entire WCIA 2012 bracket and schedule of match-ups HERE.


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  1. Fight Back Against David Horowitz! says:

    Neither one of these companies has a chance of winning the Golden Poo. They’re like the Gonzaga of the WCIA – always in it but never to win it.

    • Jawaka says:

      I don’t think that either really deserves to be in the contest personally. But then again, they are huge and successful companies and people will hate them just for that reason

    • Tardis78 says:

      Yeah these two will never make it. There is always someone more hated. Though this year I think Google should win because of their privacy issues.

    • MeowMaximus says:

      This is no contest – CrApple employs slave labor, and tries to control what content their users can access. I despise them, and the CrApple fanbois who buy their products.

  2. lunasdude says:

    Google has way more access to my information and browsing habits.
    Apple on the other hand only gets what I give them from my purchases of their products.
    Don’t want Apple to be evil and steal you information? don’t buy there stuff!
    Try using the internet without encountering some sort of Google product!

    • OutPastPluto says:

      Use a search engine. Don’t let your browser run any scripts from Google.

      From a vendor lock perspective, Google is remarkably easier to avoid. There is nothing stopping me from switching to another option in the middle of this post. Trying to do the same with Apple once you’ve partaken of their proprietary content is not so easy.

      It’s like being stuck with Windows “because everyone uses it”.

      • lunasdude says:

        But Google has their hand in #108 companies! (source Wikipedia)
        click on the link and be prepared to be STUNNED!
        Google has their hands in everything such as, search, restaurant reviews, online & mobile advertising, touch typing for the blind, ebooks, mapping technologies (they sell to all sorts of companies including Apple), VOIP, Cell Phone manufacturing (Motorola), Communications security, Music rights management, Digital coupons, Etc, Etc, Etc.
        Apple cannot come close to this. (for now)
        I believe we all use some sort of Google owned product everyday!
        Even doing what you suggested, I believe it would be nearly impossible to avoid all Google owned companies!
        Check the link about Google, it’s a little scary.

        • George4478 says:

          >>be prepared to be STUNNED!

          I’ll wait an click on it Sunday…SUNday…SUNDAY!

          You write car ads for a living?

    • Bunnies Attack! says:

      I’m pretty sure my dad does that. Not on purpose though. Hotmail account? Check. Yahoo homepage with search bar? Check. Still uses Mapquest? Check. I think he went onto youtube once, saw something scary that offended him and blocked himself from the site.

    • 2 Replies says:

      Have you ever actually read the TOS that displays on iOS devices or iTunes?
      Apple can collect and use a good chunk of your information just as long as it deems its use as to improve its products, services and/or the quality thereof.
      Your email, your location, identifying information, a ton of other items as well.
      Got an account to log into iTunes or app store? Then you’ve agreed.

      • lunasdude says:

        yes, I have read the TOS on one of my Apple products and like most companies today, it’s F**KING scary!
        Want to really be terrified? look up the privacy statement on anything from Google or Facebook, better wears some depends cause your gonna shit your self!

      • red says:

        yeah but they don’t sell your info to advertisers.

    • Serrinatta says:

      NoScript = win. Though I do use google myself, I’ve been perfectly avoiding Facebook since it began (personal preference of mine). Everything is blocked until you choose it to be accepted. Look stuff up on yahoo before accepting, and you’ll never hear from a google website or affiliate again.

    • Difdi says:

      This. Apple can only screw its customers. Google can reach out and screw you no matter what you do.

  3. dulcinea47 says:

    I don’t really see how Apple is bad. Yep their products are expensive, dare I say overpriced at times. So don’t buy them. Google is pissing me off with their privacy stuff lately.

    • rdm says:

      Seriously? http://radar.oreilly.com/2011/04/apple-location-tracking.html for starters. They do the same semi-evil things Google does, but they just don’t tell you about it, wait to be caught, then issue an apology.

    • Tallanvor says:

      Apple is responsible for getting publishers to switch to the agency model for ebooks, which is why prices for them are much higher now and companies such as Amazon are no longer able to decide what price they are willing to sell them for. There are so many other things Apple has done that I think is horrible for consumers and the IT industry as a whole, but this alone is reason enough for me to refuse to buy Apple products ever again.

  4. JKxZ says:

    Google rapes my privacy.

    Apple rapes my pocketbook.

    At least with Apple I have a choice, and I’m paying for it.

  5. consumed says:

    Dan thinks an extra $100 is “gouging” consumers for the 16 GB step up model?

    Hardly… There are tons of people willing to pay the premium price just to get an iPad… and the people paying the $100 premium are subsidizing the cheaper iPad model for everyone else.

    Most people don’t need the extra 16 GB of space, so Dan’s concerns are unfounded.

  6. StatusfriedCrustomer says:

    I recently restarted my computer and found that my browser was now defaulted to Google Chrome, which I had never voluntarily installed, and that Google had hijacked my home page (which used to be about:blank). In addition, I went to Google in order to look up a restaurant on Yelp, which was easier than using the Yelp interface, but Google would not open the website directly; it tried to display it within a Google frame, which wasn’t loading at the time and so because of Google I could not get to Yelp (at least not through Google).

    So, I’m back to using Yahoo now after a 5-year hiatus which I now feel guilty for. And for the first time ever, I voted in a Worst Company In America poll. It’s amazing that 15 short years ago, Google’s motto was “Don’t be evil”. Now their motto is the opposite.

    • rdm says:

      Chrome installed itself and then changed your home page (I’m assuming, on a different browser – since you never installed Chrome)? You might want to check for spyware.

      • BackInBlack says:

        Happened to me too, during a Windows 7 update. It changed every desktop icon (regardless whether app, folder, etc.) to the Chrome logo and overrode my “Default Browser” protection in Firefox.. No idea why, but I immediately reset the default and all problems were fixed.

        • Ouze says:

          Does it really seem likely that, during a “Windows 7 update” Microsoft would install the browser of one of their most hated rivals?

          Even if you don’t know anything about computers (which you seemingly don’t), maybe a little critical thinking would point to something else, here.

    • quail says:

      Hmm, it sounds like you didn’t unclick some checkbox when you installed a third party’s software or app. Lots of company’s make money off of Google & Yahoo by putting crap apps into the install sequence and requiring you to uncheck a box to keep stuff out.

      {Once I was at someone’s house and they kept complaining about how slow their new Windows 7 PC was. Strolled by it when little Johnny was online and saw that Internet Explorer had 5 or 7 app bars installed on it. Kept my mouth shut. It was hard, but kept it shut.}

  7. FacebookAppMaker says:

    As an iOS developer currently on month 4 of waiting for my $500 paycheck from apple, I’m voting apple.

  8. awesome anna says:

    Where’s the voting box?

    • elangomatt says:

      Turn off your ad and/or script blocker, which you should be doing anyway for websites that you frequent for free since the ads pay the bills.

      • awesome anna says:

        gotcha, and duly noted. Thanks :)

      • longfeltwant says:

        I thought Consumerist doesn’t have ads? Isn’t that why I donated a little to them?

        In any case, there is no way I will turn on ads for any website.

        • awesome anna says:

          with ghostery you can “disable” them and “resume” whenever necessary. That’s all I did for the vote box and then bam, back to blocking.

          • HogwartsProfessor says:

            Thank you! I was tired of opening Chrome every time I wanted to vote! (Don’t have Ghostery on it yet because I rarely use it.)

            • awesome anna says:

              I totally found it on accident, I clicked the icon on my browser and it said ‘pause browsing’ I was so excited. lol

        • elangomatt says:

          Yeah no 3rd party ads on Consumerist, but most websites can’t say that. I thought it was pretty awesome a while back when ARS Technica basically blocked anyone with ad blockers for part of a day a while back (probably two years ago or more) just to make a point about ad blockers. I guess you don’t have a problem with it, but reality is that many websites are only free thanks to advertisers and by blocking the ads you are basically freeloading.

  9. shadowboxer524 says:

    I did not appreciate that the order of companies in the headline did not correspond to the order in the poll. Yes, I didn’t the options before clicking and chose the wrong one…

  10. impatientgirl says:

    As much as it pained me, I have to go with Google because of all their recent stalking, I mean data mining.

  11. Vox Republica says:

    For me, the debate is pretty simple: when something goes wonky, what is my recourse?

    With my Apple products, there’s Genius Bars, warranties, and so forth. I’ve rarely had to use them, but they’ve been helpful. Paid a premium, but get premium service.

    With the Google services I use, there’s… arguably a “support forum” that appears to be largely populated by blog spammers from Andhra Pradesh (no offense to what I’m sure are the myriad readers in Hyderabad). Google products: cost-free, service-free.

  12. Mambru says:

    My problem with apple is that they with held features in their devices just so 6 months later they release an “inproved versio”. Take the ipad (a big iphone touch) the iphone and the ipod touch came with camera why not the ipad1, fast forward 6 months later and the ipad 2 came with the newest feature a camera. stuff like that is what really pisses me off about apple.

    • Sian says:

      Why is this a problem? Ipads aren’t like car insurance, you aren’t required by law to have the newest one, or even have one at all.

      Apple can do what it wants.

    • zippy says:

      Um, the ipad2 wasn’t released 6 months after the original ipad. The original ipad was released on April 3, 2010, the ipad 2 on March 11, 2011. I don’t think Apple has ever had a product with 6 months between releases, they tend to be yearly or longer. What would you have used a camera for in the original ipad anyway? At that large a form factor, it makes a lousy point-n-shoot camera. Facetime wasn’t rolled out until after the ipad launch, that’s the major use of the camera on the ipad2.

      • Mambru says:

        ok 6 months was a hyperbole but still I find it annoying for a company to withold features that they already haveintegrated in their devices (why would you need a mp3 player with camera anyways? ) just for the fact that you can make a “newer version”. Yes i know apple can do what it wants and if the Ipad 4 will come with a cheese grate people will still line up for it.

        It still doesn’t change the fact i don’t like their approach to the release new product features

    • daemonaquila says:

      So what? I just take that for granted and wait 6 months. I get the goodies. Yay me.

  13. Sian says:

    “I don’t see how the company gets away with charging an extra $100 above the base model simply for throwing in an extra 16GB of storage memory “

    You don’t? they get away with it because PEOPLE WILL PAY IT.

  14. gman863 says:

    The only thing Apple truly has a technical advantage on is that its OS 10 tends to run faster and more efficiently than Windows with certain video editing and design layout (e.g. Adobe) apps.

    Aside from this, I hate Apple. Let me count just some of the reasons why:

    * Price fixing. If a store is caught selling current model Apple product below Apple’s fixed price, Apple will refuse to sell to them in the future.

    * Repair costs. Unlike replacing the battery on a standard cell phone or notebook PC, replacing one on an Apple requires a good degree of technical skill and special tools. I can replace the battery on my 2 year old Samsung in five minutes at a cost of $5.

    * Missing features. No USB or SD card slots on an iPad? Get real. For the price Apple charges for on-board storage memory, they should include a tube of KY jelly.

    Although I’m not holding out much hope, I hope Microsoft finally gets its act together with Windows 8 Mobile and kicks Apple in the balls.

    • jtaylor2d says:

      You are flat out wrong on the pricing. Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Best Buy, and Amazon consistently sell products below Apple’s MSRP. Best Buy and Amazon often times sell Apple computer for $100+ more off MSRP.

      Go to Amazon’s site for yourself and look and you’ll see that you are wrong.

    • jimbobjoe says:

      I would add a couple of extra technical advantages of OS X. The main one is its journaling file system, which makes looking for file/file contents a lot easier than with Windows (supposedly Windows 8 brings a journaling file system.)

      You can argue that the GUI is a preference, but Mac OS X’s GUI uses a lot less real estate on the screen than the Window’s GUI, which is a big advantage on laptops (less so on big screened desktops.)

    • daemonaquila says:

      None of these are a problem:

      “Price Fixing” – no problem, buy on the secondary market, or get a refurb from Apple, or buy the current product just before a release. Why buy brand new anyway, when there are so many great ways to get the hot tech for a bunch less? It’s not like any of the stores selling any other brands are going to discount heavily on the hottest, newest items, either.

      Repair costs – sounds like tech fail to me. I can replace a Mac battery in 5 minutes, with my standard box of jeweler’s tools. Hell, I’ve taken a Mac down to the case so that a dent could be pounded out of it. EASY STUFF for anyone with half an ounce of geek skills.

      Missing features – no, not really. An iPad isn’t meant to be a replacement for a laptop. Which is why I will never buy one. I’m not into it just for the toy factor. But my iPhone and Macbook rock and roll. No missing features there, for what they’re supposed to be used for.

      If you like Windows, that’s your deal. This is about consumer friendliness, not the Mac vs. PC holy wars.

    • fantomesq says:

      Wow. A little off base on those complaints:

      * Price fixing. Apple does not control a resellers prices. Resellers can sell the products for any price they like or even give them away. Price fixing is illegal and Apple doesn’t regulate end-user pricing.

      * Repair costs. Up until recently, all laptop batteries were user installable. Even now most Apple laptops only need a jewelers screwdriver to replace… or go to the Genius Bar and the battery is installed at no additional cost (other than the battery). $5 for a lithium-ion battery?!? hardly

      * Missing features. Want USB -AND- SD on an iPad? Get the camera connection kit and you have both… no big deal and most people don’t need either installed normally

    • Egregious Philbin says:

      I love my Asus Transformer Prime, thinner than the Ipad, faster than the Ipad2, quad core, micro sd slot, and a full sd slot and USB on the keyboard. Its Android, it can be rooted, Its fast, has 32 gig on it, its less expensive, it does everything I need. But, I don’t have that trendy apple look….LOL

  15. StupidSTUPIDLogin says:

    Apple does more than price-gouge…they are constantly seeking to control devices after the sale. They’ve flirted with DRM not once, but TWICE, and only stopping after complaints. They go out of their way to brick iPhones. They are not consumer or DIY friendly.

    • jtaylor2d says:

      And you don’t think for one second that the movie and music studio’s weren’t the ones forcing DRM on Apple’s products?

      Apple removed DRM on the Music Store once Apple agreed with the music labels that they could sell tiered music, some songs being as high as $1.29.

      Do a little research before posting, it will make your argument seem more logical.

    • Hank Scorpio says:

      Wow. So factually inaccurate.

      DRM was/is the fault of the content producers, not Apple. In the beginning of the iTunes store, the record companies would not allow Apple to sell their music without. Once Apple had enough clout negotiating with the record companies they got rid of it.

      They MPAA is still forcing them to use DRM on TV shows, movies, etc.

      Also, they do not go out of their way to brick iPhones. They’ve historically looked the other way when it comes to jail-breakers. The one time it was an issue was when the iPhone was only on AT&T, and people were using it on other networks. AT&T made Apple put a stop to it.

      • zombie_batch says:

        Yes, because as long as we can blame the *AA’s, then Apple is totally not complicit. That’s why they really make a public effort to show that to us, the public, regularly.

        Oh wait.. yes… that is definitely sarcasm. Not to spoil the joke for those who get what I’m saying; I genuinely believe people like Scorpio here would not have caught the sarcasm.

  16. HowardRoarksTSquare says:

    Google gets the vote. They banned me from ad-sense for a stupid TOS Violation that was very “iffy”. Never got my money – never got to refute the claim.

  17. Rick Sphinx says:

    Choosing Apple, as they are too controlling. After years of buying music CD’s, I finally caved into digital music. Wouldn’t put it past Apple to one day do an iTunes update, and anything not purchased from Apple is wiped out.

    • red says:

      …even though their latest update let you pay 25 bucks and update all your music that they also have, no matter where it was purchased, to the highest quality version they have, DRM free,no questions asked.

  18. ThunderRoad says:

    Still can’t vote with Firefox. Admins have been ignoring this since voting started.

    • Tegan says:

      It sounds like you have some sort of other problem, maybe an addon blocking scripts, that is causing your problem. I’ve been using Firefox to vote the whole time now with no issues.

    • InsertPithyNicknameHere says:

      Sounds like a problem with an ad-blocker or script-blocker. I have voted with Firefox for every poll before today.

  19. MrObvious says:

    Until Apple improves the working conditions and wages in their factories, they are one of the biggest supporters of slave labor in the world, way more evil than anything Google has ever done.

    • Hank Scorpio says:

      Those aren’t Apple’s factories. Those factories make components for just about every tech company on the planet. Where do you think all those Android handsets are made? At the North Pole by happy little elves?

      • zombie_batch says:

        Such an Apple apologitard. Apple can stand up for themselves Scorpio. They’re a big, grown up, corporation now. They won’t thank you for making statements on their behalf.

  20. angryrider says:

    I’d pick Apple, because people don’t actually buy Google tangible products. They brag that they have so much money, when all these years they could’ve helped the US economy by bringing some of their manufacturing to the states. If they built their stuff here in the states, that extremely high price tag would already justify itself.

    • fantomesq says:

      And which tech company is building here? Thought not…

      • OutPastPluto says:

        That’s a pretty mindless excuse.

        Isn’t Apple supposed to be a leader rather than a follower?

        If Apple products weren’t made on the same outsourced assembly line as Dells, then perhaps their price premium would seem less absurd. In fact, it would make a lot of sense for a brand like Apple that has a “luxury status” attached to it to avoid outsourcing in general so that they can more tightly control “the experience”.

        Never mind the walled garden for the users. Put up one for the people putting the device together.

        Regardless of where the factory is, it should be an Apple factory.

  21. pythonspam says:

    I’m not an Apple hater, but I don’t own any Apple products because they are overpriced (for what they do) and controlled too much by Apple.
    If I buy something, I am going to own it, not just have a license to use it. Even owning MS Windows isn’t that bad and we know how bad microsoft is…
    Like the Facebook debate earlier, we are not Google’s customers, we are Google’s product. If you want free email, web indexing, Plus, etc, no one is forcing you to use it.

  22. techphets says:

    Apple deserves the golden stinker for limiting the iPad in all the ways that they have. It hurts to use a device that has so much potential yet while accepting that the comoany which designed it has greatly limitted the potential in order to maximize profits.

    I understand every company needs to make decisions like that in order to stay competitive but this is simply ridiculous. They OWNED THE MARKET on tablets and -this- is the joke that they left us with (typing on an iPad right now)!

    I’ll know Android tablets are finally up to speed when Apple adds a USB port, file browser, sd memory slot, and so on.

  23. Asch says:

    Apple – they’ve been incredibly, incredibly evil with all their lawsuits lately.

  24. Henry Brzrki says:

    I voted party lines.

  25. Fafaflunkie Plays His World's Smallest Violin For You says:

    Although many people may think that Google’s “don’t be evil” MO has vaporized since their new privacy policies took effect, guess what? At least Google said months in advance what they were up to, and if you didn’t like it, here’s your way out of it. Every time I request to download an app for my Android tablet, up pops a disclaimer telling me exactly what access to my data, the GPS, or the internet that app wants. Even from third party sources (yeah, Apple, something you’ll never allow on your previous iThings.) Do you see that when you download something from Apple’s App Store? NO! Yes, I speak from experience, as I have one iThing that I’ve downloaded several apps for, and have never seen anything pre-download about what it wants. Sure, you may see a pop-up saying “(app) would like to use your current location” and ask for your OK. But why not say that before you buy it?

  26. JLyles says:

    Apple has never been a good company for the consumer. Over the years they have made many dead end machines that have no future usability for the end user while prohibiting others from using their technologies for applications or other third party items.

    While doing this there have been many clones and other spin off products, some were authorized, that were made by companies that wound up making a similar item that worked better, had more capabilities, and was up gradable.

    Their items sell due to their built in novelty features and cosmetic appeal.

    You never get much with some Apple products.

    • SharkD says:

      That’s funny. I’ve never had a Mac usuably last fewer than 6 years. I’ve gotten a decade out of a couple (including a G4 cube that’s still running strong). I’ve upgraded most-everything, from an original pizza-box LC to Intel Minis and Powerbook 1400cs’s to Mac Pros. And when I’ve sold my used Macs, Powerbooks, iPods, etc, I usually get a significant chunk of the purchase price back.

      Meanwhile, the high-end PCs that I’ve owned have usually died within 3 years of purchase, or are so unusable that I couldn’t even give them away.

  27. Pelonis says:

    I don’t get it, why do these two keep getting nominated?

    Google is a awesome search engine with with a bunch of crap services and Apple makes awesome computers with a bunch of crap peripherals (iPhones, iPads, and iPods). This does not make either one of them the worst or the best.

    In my mind they both balance out as reasonable companies with somewhat reasonable policies. I don’t know about the google haters but to me it seems like the apple haters hate apple simply because it is not a cheap pc. And then those same apple haters go buy all the latest iCrap extras.

    If anyone doesn’t get it yet, I love their macbook pro’s but hate their iProducts.

  28. BackInBlack says:

    For me, Apple probably slightly edges out Google, but as someone else said, it’s a moot point as neither has a chance of making it to the Final Four in this contest. I only used Apple early on (old-school original Macs with swappy floppies!), but have had to put up with their crapware on my PCs, like QuickTime and iTunes (the former being sadly necessary for many websites, and the latter long since uninstalled). These tend to take over your system, change themselves to your default player, no [easy] way to stop auto updates (even if dechecked), etc. I avoid Apple hardware, period, not because it doesn’t work well, but because it’s too overpriced and worse, they’re almost retarded in their unwillingness to be compatible with the rest of the world (how many years for true PC compatibility?) and proprietary hardware (iPod & iPhone batteries) and formats (M4As vs. MP3s).

    I actually like some Google products, but don’t appreciate being forced to log into YouTube with my Google ID. BOTH companies are just horrible on privacy issues; scary. Only thing Google isn’t in that maybe they should be is a better online auction site (surprised eBay didn’t make this tourney, but their evil sibling PayPal did, at least…)

  29. crazydavythe1st says:

    I’m still mad at Apple about the little fiasco with the Iphone 3G.

    For those that don’t remember, Apple just so happened to release an update right around the time the 3GS was coming out that completely destroyed the performance of the phone. It took them a long time to admit it and a longer time to fix it – all the while their sales arm was trying to convince people the 3G had been that slow all along and that the 3GS would fix their woes.

    On the other hand, their Applecare support was pretty awesome. They replaced my earbuds 4 times and my USB cable twice.

  30. Sloopydrew says:

    I’m not sure where we vote. I wanted to vote for Apple. Just because.

  31. r-nice says:

    How did these two companies get nominated?

  32. Eyegor says:

    To respond to Dan comment in the article: if you don’t agree with the price, don’t buy it. Apple charges what they do because people will pay for it. If you want to pay less for an also-ran tablet, phone, computer or whatever, do it and let market forces change Apples mind.

    Til then, stifle.

  33. MaxMiami says:

    Google doesn’t sell anything. They give (almost) everything away for free, and make money from advertising. This is their business model. In order to sell ads, they gather as much info as possible from users. However, it is fairly simple to block Google search history and other tracking, so I can’t blame them for this. And now that privacy settings are unified across google products, it’s easier to manage your privacy setting.

    The good that Google does is making a vast amount of information easily accessible. This includes projects that have no hope of giving them a return on their investment. Like Google Scholar. Or Google Sky. Or the Google book scanning project for which they were unfairly maligned.

    Apple has a different business model, based on selling real products and services at a premium. Apple gives away very little for free. Their model includes bullying competitors with frivolous patent claims. And litigating everything. And using their monopolist power to lock content creators and users into onerous licensing agreements.

    Apple has done some good in innovating and creating simple to use devices. I am a big iphone fan. But the negatives outweigh the positives.

    I vote Apple.

  34. xanadustc says:

    Wow…I am surprised! I do not own Apple products and I hate them, but they are a far better company than Google on every aspect (if you think otherwise, just contact Google and find out why).

  35. Yacko says:

    Googerola ayatollah.

  36. skywatchbob says:

    A company that tries to track you and get at your information vs a company that sells overpiced products. Which seems worse? The vote was for the company that sells overpriced products. Really???? You have got to be kidding. Apple may have its problems, but at least they aren’t spying on you.