Doctors Insist Woman With 24-Pound Tumor Is Just Pregnant

In a story that seems like the exact opposite of those shows where women don’t think they’re pregnant and yet, oops, out comes a baby, a woman in Barcelona was pretty darn sure she wasn’t pregnant, and yet doctors insisted she was. Really, she had a 24-pound cancerous uterine tumor.

United Press International says the woman claims that she was “treated with contempt” while at a hospital emergency room complaining of excruciating abdominal pain. She’s alleging that doctors joked, “Haven’t you ever heard of contraception?” and said her pain was due to a panic attack.

She then had two negative pregnancy tests as they insisted she was pregnant. She later returned to the hospital and told doctors to take another look, as the whole late-term pregnancy diagnosis didn’t seem to be panning out.

During an ultrasound, she says the doctor finally said, “Gosh, what a huge cyst.” Yes, cyst, not a baby — go figure. The woman is going through chemotherapy now and has opened a case with the patients’ ombudsman in Spain.

24-pound tumor misdagnosed as pregnancy [United Press International]

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