Woman Boldly Steals Coupons From Storage Locker For Extreme Purposes

Forget rooting around stacks of newspapers for coupons to steal or grabbing entire papers — we’ve seen that already. The new thing on the scene is just lifting stacks of coupons before they’re even inserted into papers, as one woman allegedly did in Pennsylvania recently.

Allegheny Township police say one woman repeatedly stole coupons, adding up a hefty theft of about $2,700 in one year. She figured out that the coupons were being delivered to a storage locker owned by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and went right to the source for her extreme couponing habit, reports local WTAE.com.

Once the woman found out where the coupons were dropped off and when they’d arrive, she’d simply show up at the unlocked storage locker and take bundles of coupons on several occasions over 17 months, say cops.

Delivery workers eventually wondered where those coupons were going, so they posted someone to keep an eye on the locker and notified police when the suspect showed up. She’s been charged with burglary, theft and related charges.

*Thanks for the tip, Bruce!

It Adds Up: Couponing Allegedly Taken To Criminal Level [WTAE.com]

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