Swerve Around The Costs Of Expensive Ski Vacations

Paying for a ski trip can seem like a blind run down a rough slope, with formidable costs hard to avoid as you careen down the mountain. Veterans of the slopes know how to cut down on costs so they can focus on enjoying their time in the snow.

The Frugal Toad offers these ways to save on ski trips:

* Rent from stores, not the resort. Renting your equipment is an attractive option because you don’t have to lug your bulky stuff everywhere. Resorts charge inflated rates, so save some funds by checking out a nearby shop instead.

* Buck the fashion trends. Decking yourself out in the latest, brand-name gear will make you look good, but also sap funds that you could put to better use. Instead, bundle yourself up with stuff you own. You can also find used ski clothing cheap online or at used sporting goods stores.

* Commute. Staying onsite at a major ski resort is convenient, but can carry formidable costs. Look for nearby hotels and see if they offer shuttle service, or if their rates are low enough to offset the cost of renting a car.

11 Ways to Save Money While Skiing [The Frugal Toad]

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