Recall Roundup: Beware Of The Dancing Teapot

In this edition of the Recall Roundup, a scary number of bicycle parts are recalled, grass cutters might cut humans, and we learn that a “dancing teapot” (pictured) is a lot less fun than the name makes it sound. Especially when it burns you.

Babies and Kids
Tumblekins Toys – can shatter; choking and laceration hazard
Kelty Single and Double Jogging Strollers – Front wheel may come loose
Papa Bear Loungeabouts Pajamas – items don’t meet federal flammability standards

Home & Appliances
Ganz dancing teapots – the handle becomes too hot to touch, burn hazard
Tassimo coffeemakers – burn hazard
Tassimo espresso discs: burn hazard
Touch Point (Meijer) Fan Heaters – fire and electric shock hazard
ECHO Gas Powered Backpack Blowers – possible defective fuel line; fire hazard
Map Pro, Propylene and MAPP Gas Cylinders – leakage and fire hazard
Honda Grass Trimmers – Cutting attachment may detach and cut humans instead of grass
Carlisle FoodService melamine cups and mugs – may break when exposed to hot liquids
Greenlee Folding Pocket Utility Knife – locking mechanism may fail; laceration hazard
Twin Oaks Hammock Stands – brackets may break
AmerTac LED Night Lights – may overheat; fire and burn hazard
Locker Brand Rx Lockers – lock doesn’t work

PRO Atherton Mountain Bike Handlebar Stems – bolts can come out, rider loses control of the bike
Fuji Saratoga Women’s Cruiser Bicycle – frame may break
Gore Ride-On Bicycle Brake Cables – may detach


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  1. TheMansfieldMauler says:

    Those bicycle and hammock recalls are all hilarious youtube videos waiting to happen.

  2. Cat says:

    I haven’t seen a recall roundup here in a long time… can we please keep them coming, maybe on a weekly basis, or even monthly? Same day every week would be convenient…

    • Cat says:

      Yea, I was right, last one was:

      Recall Roundup: Fire In The Fish Tank Edition
      By Laura Northrup on April 27, 2011 5:00 PM

      Last day of the month would be coll, Laura…

      • Velifer says:

        You can subscribe to the CPSC RSS feed.

      • Laura Northrup says:

        I was actually surprised that it had been that long. We’ve been doing individual recalls as we get them, but I spotted the pill locker one on Consumer Reports and thought it was interesting but not worth its own post, so I poked around the CPSC site to see what else had been recalled. This is just the last month’s worth.

        I didn’t even get into the food and drug recalls. Maybe next week.

  3. eezy-peezy says:

    All of the above items coming soon to a flea market near you….

  4. Driblis says:

    Why did I read “Recall Roundup” to the tune of “Winter Wrapup”?

  5. Captain Spock says:

    If my pants are in a position to be on fire, the flammability or non-flammability of them is the least of my concerns.

  6. Kate says:

    Bummer about the teapot – that looked cute.

  7. Cacao says:

    Look at that teapot’s body and its spout. That handle is much too thin! What were they thinking when they designed it?

  8. centurion says:

    3 is a scary number?