Report: Netflix Wants To Piggyback On Cable Services

If reported deals between Netflix and cable giants go through, the company’s streaming service will be offered as a bonus to cable packages. Netflix is said to be negotiating with several cable companies to add its service as a possible premium on-demand option.

According to Reuters, the step is another advancement in what analysts perceive to be Netflix’s master plan to compete against the likes of HBO. One possibility in a Netflix-cable partnership would let viewers add Netflix to their cable packages as they would a premium channel, paying extra to access Netflix’s streaming offerings through their cable boxes.

It makes me wince a little to hear about Netflix teaming up with cable companies, because the service has potential to grow into something that can rival and even replace cable. But something like this could work out for customers who subscribe to both cable and Netflix, as long as cable companies offered Netflix access at a discount.

Exclusive: Netflix in talks for cable partnership [Reuters via Engadget]

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