Cosigning Someone's Comcast Account Doesn't Mean Paying Their Bills Instead Of My Own

Helpful and supportive person that she is, Isis is a co-signer on her goddaughter’s Comcast account so her goddaughter wouldn’t have to pay a deposit. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem unless the youngster defaulted on her payments or ran off with a half-dozen cable boxes. The problem is that the act somehow tied together her account and Isis’s, and a $435 payment was applied to the goddaughter’s account by mistake. This has led to biweekly disconnections, fruitless promises by Comcast employees to take care of the situation, and an existential question: does Isis have two accounts, or only one?

Comcast’s customer service isn’t really servicing customers; it’s more like ripping them off! I made a payment on the phone, by credit card, on December 5th, that somehow was credited to my god daughter’s account. Not a small payment either! It was $435.56. After speaking to at least 20 customer service reps AND 3 supervisors who promised they would “personally take care of it” the payment is still not reflected in my account. I am disconnected every 2 weeks, like clockwork AND to add insult to injury, they are charging me for reconnection every single time!

Today, was the icing on the cake: a customer service rep told me they “couldn’t switch the payment to my account because BOTH accounts are in my name” -how that happened is beyond me because I simply served as a co-signor so she wouldn’t have to pay the deposit. When I asked the rep why then I’m being disconnected every two weeks, she simply said “because you are past due.” My question? How am I past due if both accounts are for one customer? So she tells me, “not really, they are two separate accounts…”. Aha! So they are two accounts then? She says “No” and proceeds to repeat her schpiel five separate times! What a crock!

They can’t seem to make up their mind and in the meantime, my payment of $435.56, made Dec 5th, is still in the wind! I’m still getting disconnected biweekly and no one seems to be able to fix this mess! I’d cancel my account, but the trouble is that other than AT&T crappy service, there’s no other Internet provider in South Florida that is any good. Comcast is the best ISP in town and the only cable in town! Must be nice to have such a huge captive audience.

If anyone can help me with this mess, please let me know. I can’t seem to get anywhere and supervisors won’t call me back. I am NOT going to pay it again!

We referred Isis to the Comcast Cares team of Twitter ninjas, and we hope they’ll be able to help. Maybe they’ll even be able to credit the missing $435.56 to the correct account.

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