Android Market Morphing Into New "Google Play" Next Week

When Android Market suddenly disappears from your smartphone next week as you’re trying to download War and Peace or that app that lets you play bird calls to confuse your local avians (does that exist? I hope so), don’t freak out — it’s simply turning into Google Play. says the store’s revamp is an attempt to compete with Apple and Amazon in the digital marketplace, which includes not only apps — the main purpose of Android Market right now — but music, video, games and books.

Google Play will launch online on Tuesday, March 13 and will then start to roll out on Android phones and tablets. Google says this new venture will make it easier for customers to get what they want, all in one place.

“For the users, it’s really about delivering this simpler, more integrated experience,” Chris Yerga, Google’s engineering director, digital content, said in an interview. “It’s sort of like the chocolate and peanut butter thing — the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. It’s going to attract more purchasers to the store. It’s good for us — it’s good for Google — but it’s also good for our content partners.”

Now who wants a chocolate peanut butter cookie? If only that were orderable on Google Play.

New ‘Google Play’ store launches Tuesday []

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