Rite-Aid Delivery Guy Saves Elderly Customer's Life

Automated prescription refills and deliveries have probably saved patients’ lives by insuring that they got their medication on time. But this time, it wasn’t the pills in the bottle that saved a Pennsylvania woman; it was the man who delivered them.

A shift supervisor at a Pittsburgh-area Rite-Aid had gone out to make a prescription delivery to an elderly customer. At first, he thought he heard loud meowing from inside the house but an ear-to-the-door listen revealed a more dire situation.

The Rite-Aid staffer tells KDKA-TV he heard someone crying, “Help me! Please, God help!” from inside, so he contacted 911 and then attempted to enter the house, which meant scaling a tractor to reach a window, pushing an air-conditioning unit out of the way and crawling in.

He found the woman on the floor inside. She told him she’d been there for about a week.

Paramedics eventually arrived on the scene and took the woman to the hospital.

This incident happened almost exactly one year after a Domino’s driver in Tennessee followed a hunch and saved an elderly customer who hadn’t ordered her daily pie.

Prescription Delivery Man Saves Elderly Woman [KDKA]

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