What To Look For In A Not-So-New Home

When real estate agents take you through houses, they often like to dazzle you with frivolous, eye-catching aspects. Unless you ask tough questions and pay for a professional inspection, you won’t get much insight about whether or not the home is livable and truly worth its asking price.

Canadian Personal Finance helps you cut through initial appearances to find out whether or not a home is worth buying. Here are three important questions you’ll need answered:

* How old are the water heater and furnace? If the water heater is more than five years old and the furnace is older than 10, they may be aging and in need of maintenance or replacement.

* Can the electrical system stand up to your needs? Verify that your home has 200 amp service — a rating of the power available to the home — to meet modern standards.

* What shape is the roof in? If it’s more than 10 years old and hasn’t been significantly overhauled, repaired or well-maintained, it may not be in optimal shape.

5 Signs The House You Bought Was Flipped [Canadian Personal Finance]

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