Packages Of Meat Will Now Contain Labels With Nutritional Information

For those of you who ever wondered how much fat was going into your body after downing a few burgers at the cookout, or how many calories are in that gigantor T-bone steak, you’ll be glad to know nutritional labels will now be on almost all packaged meat products.

Reuters says the new Department of Agriculture rule starts Thursday for 40 popular brands of whole, raw cuts, meat or poultry. Lablels will include calories, total fat and saturated fat for each offering.

Products boasting how lean they are that aren’t actually considered low in fat will have fat percentages listed so you can see really how much fat is included per serving.

Other packaged foods have required nutrition labels since 1993 for anything that isn’t raw or contains more than one ingredient. So, it’s about time we started looking exactly at what we’re ingesting, especially if you’re eyeing up that third burger. No judgment!

Nutrition labels now on meat packages [Reuters]

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