If You're Going To Dine-And-Dash, Don't Do It In A Restaurant Full Of Cops

We certainly don’t condone the act of dining-then-dashing. It’s illegal and, more importantly, just plain rude to the people that prepared and served your meal. It’s especially rude when the servers are law enforcement officers working a fundraising event for the Special Olympics.

And yet, a man in New Mexico stands accused of trying to feed and flee an Applebee’s during the Tip-A-Cop fundraiser featuring police officers as hosts and waitstaff.

The suspect’s two female dining companions left the building first, and then he allegedly tried to slip out without paying the $30 dinner check. Given the police presence in the restaurant, it’s not surprising that the man was snagged and charged with obtaining services less than $100.

So if you see a bunch of police officers serving up dinner, be prepared to wash dishes if you can’t afford your meal.

It’s an update on the age-old rule that if you see Samuel L. Jackson eating breakfast at a diner, do not attempt to take his wallet.

Diner allegedly eats and runs during Tip-a-Cop fundraiser [Las Cruces Sun-News]

Thanks to cyberpenguin for the tip!

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