Tips For Haggling With Credit Card Companies Over Debt Mountains

If you’ve buried yourself in credit card debt and are strangled by your payments, you can try to work out a better deal by negotiating with the companies you owe. Some smooth talking might net you lower rates, more manageable payments and more time to pay up.

Bible Money Matters coaches you through the process. To bargain for better terms, do a little research to find competitors willing to accept balance transfers at attractive introductory offers. Then call the company and give them a chance to give you a better deal in order to keep you from moving your debt. If the bank you’re working offers lower introductory rates, you can mention those in an effort to get them to match their own deals.

If you’re struggling due to medical issues or a job loss, ask if the bank has any programs that you’re eligible for. Stay courteous and don’t get pushy. If you’re denied, you can always call back and hope that someone willing to help you out will answer next time.

How To Negotiate With Your Credit Card Company: What Options Do You Have When It Comes To Credit Card Debt? [Bible Money Matters]

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