Wes Anderson Helms Impossibly Adorable Commercials For Hyundai

Director Wes Anderson, he of the requisite slow-motion scene in his much-gushed over movies like Bottle Rocket, The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou and The Royal Tenenbaums, is now bringing his twee touch to commercials for Hyundai.

With this move into a commercial acting gig, Wes joins the likes of fellow indie darling Michel Gondry, who brought us a giant foot sticking out of a car in Japan. That was a fun one.

We don’t want to be too laudatory because well, they’re car commercials (via Buzzfeed). But wouldn’t you rather watch a visually-neat, kooky little spot over the same old car driving fast around winding mountain roads with smug voiceover touting all its awards? Perhaps.

Or maybe Hollywood types should stick to justmaking movies. Ha! Fat chance.

Hyundai USA [YouTube]

Wes Anderson Is Directing Hyundai Commercials Now [Buzzfeed]


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  1. mister_roboto says:

    That’s much better than their Pomplamoose ads from last year.

  2. Starfury says:

    Nice looking car…but $30,000.

  3. TBGBoodler says:

    Cute. But I couldn’t figure out who Wes Anderson Helms was at first. Ed Helms’ brother?

  4. Happy Tinfoil Cat says:

    Looks like a clone of the Camry in the last shot. Remember when the Japanese used to copy us, then the Chinese, I guess it’s time for the Koreans to copy the Japanese. Karma (Carma)

  5. robnich says:

    And you’re not even going to mention that The Dude did the voiceovers?!

  6. Invader Zim says:

    Really, this is like a commercial about a commercial.

  7. MonkeyMonk says:

    Awesome. I liked the second one better.

    I watched it at least 5 times and was still catching new things that I missed in the earlier viewings (like the kid sitting in the cupboard).

    Is that Caddyshack or Mr. Fox showing on the TV?

  8. dangermike says:

    This article seems like an ad. So I’ll bring it back to consumerism. Go Google the name Dallas Cook. A Hyundai executive drunk himself into a stupor then got behind the wheel and caused a horrendous wreck which took Dallas’s life. The binge drinking was part of the corporate culture. After causing the accident, the executive then drove his damanged company owned vehicle back to the company HQ, met with a company lawyer, and within a few hours was on a flight back to Korea where he remained on the lam for several years. Sometime after the perp was extradited, Hyundai settled out of court for their involvement in the wrongful death.