Babies "R" Us Manager Saves My Daughter's First Birthday Party With Free Shoes

As all discerning one-year-olds know, one simply cannot show up to one’s own first birthday party shoeless. Such was the situation for Larry’s daughter, when his daughter’s birthday party was only 25 minutes away and her party shoes were too small. Off he sped into the dark of night (or afternoon, more likely) to procure new footwear from Babies “R” Us.

One slight hitch, however, as Larry writes he forgot his wallet and had no way to actually purchase anything. With the clock ticking down to the party, he didn’t have time to go home and get his wallet, so he decided to go out on a limb and see what would happen if he was nice.

On a whim, I went inside and explained my situation to the customer service guy. He was sympathetic, but there was nothing he could do unless I had a BRU credit card. I couldn’t apply for one without my driver’s license (in my wallet at home). He called for the manager, Bob.

I explained the full situation again to the manager. He understood how important a first birthday party is and asked if I knew what I needed. I told him “size 3 black Koala Baby shoes.” We walked over to where the shoes were and found a pair. The only things he asked of me were:

* My name and phone number
* To come back in the next few days to pay for the shoes
* To fill out a customer service survey for him and the first guy I spoke with.

No problem on any of these. BRU manager Bob, you saved the day.

Cut to shot of happy child triumphantly pulling her new free shoes off and chewing on her sock.

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