Pepsi Thinks You Might Want Just A Few Calories In Your Soda

If full-calorie soda dumps too much sugar into your system and diet drinks just don’t have the punch you want, Pepsi wants to woo you with its new 60 calorie-per-can offering, Pepsi Next. It’s been years since they’ve launched a major product, so perhaps the name “Tada!” would’ve been a fun choice. Just sayin’.

The Associated Press (via USA Today) says Pepsi is following in the less-sugary steps of other brands like Dr Pepper, which recently introduced its Dr Pepper Ten, that has — you guessed it! — only 10 calories. Next will hit stores by the end of March, and is expected to fire things up in the soda war among Pepsi and its competitors like Coca-Cola.

Trying to lure health-conscious customers with a “mid-calorie soda” is a challenge, as both Coke and Pepsi saw early in the 2000s with offerings like C2 and Pepsi Edge, respectively. Both exited the market in 2006 because not enough people liked them.

Thing is, if you want to guzzle a sugary drink, you’re not trying to be healthy whatsoever. And if you drink diet soda, even a few calories is too many. But if you’re the type to try something new, Pepsi Next is due on store shelves nationwide by the end of March.

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