Tips To Help New Investors Get Started

If you’ve just started investing, you’re bound to make a few mistakes as you find your footing. While there’s no guaranteed formula for success, there are ways to put yourself in the best position possible to start off strong and stick around for the long haul.

A post at MakeSpendSaveInvest dishes out advice geared toward young professionals looking to try their hands at working the market:

To avoid losing everything in a flash, it may be best to start off with relatively safe, conservative index funds until you develop a feel for the level of risk you’re comfortable taking on.

The post also recommends contributing to your account regularly, even when your balance decreases, to make sure you’re buying in at low prices. This doesn’t mean you should make sacrifices to fill out your investment portfolio. You should only invest funds you can afford to do without, scaling your contributions to your excess income as it fluctuates.

6 Simple Tips Rogue Can Use To Get Started With Investing [MakeSpendSaveInvest]