Study: Half Of Internet TVs Aren't Getting Online

More TVs on the market have the capability to connect online to access apps that stream video and music, as well as hook up to browsers and social networks. Consumers, though, aren’t necessarily taking advantage of the feature. According to research firm NPD In-Stat, half of the TV owners aren’t putting the devices online.

TechNewsDaily, talk to experts who provide a number of reasons viewers are indifferent about their TVs’ connectivity. A major factor is the fact that the feature is becoming ubiquitous, so people aren’t buying the TVs for them functionality. Also, online TV interfaces tend to be clunky and tough to navigate.

There’s also a decent chance that some TV owners lack the knowledge or will to hook devices up to their networks, or that they don’t even realize their TVs are capable of getting online.

Exclusive: Half of Internet TVs Aren’t Connected [TechNewsDaily]

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