Fast Food Workers Are Pretty Sure They're Making The World A Terrible Place

If you had a sneaking suspicion while working as a burger-slinger behind the counter at McDonald’s/Burger King/Wendy’s etc. that you were degrading the world you live in by doing so, you aren’t alone. A survey of 30,000 workers asking whether or not they make the world a better place found that fast food workers are pretty aware of the wide swath of destruction they’re connected to.

The New York Times goes over the result of the data collected by PayScale, wherein workers were asked whether their jobs “make the world a better place.” The possible answers included “very much so,” “yes,” “a little,” “no” and a very blunt, “My job may make the world a worse place.”

Of the 1% who did answer that they’re making the world suck, it turns out that 42% of those people are fast-food workers. In a far away second place was bartender, at 5.8%, and occupations like senior attorneys, fashion designers, investment bankers and claims adjusters.

However, this survey was a chance for workers to opt in, and not a randomly selected sample of workers. So perhaps the fast food workers who believe they’re detrimental to the global well-being also just happen to love answering questions.

Top 10 Jobs That Make the World a Worse Place [New York Times]

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