Time Warner Cable & MSG End Squabble, Allow Knicks Fans To Enjoy Linsanity

While New York Knicks fans have been enjoying the sudden success of point guard Jeremy Lin, a lot of them haven’t actually been able to watch the games on TV thanks to a lengthy dispute between Time Warner Cable and the MSG Network. But now they won’t need to wait for the highlights on the evening news to enjoy the Linsanity, as the 48-day staring contest has come to an end.

The standoff had gotten to the point where the NY state Governor and Attorney General had to step in to urge both sides to stop squabbling over a few pennies that are just going to be passed on to subscribers who have little choice but to pay.

TWC had said that MSG was demanding a whopping 54% increase in the amount it pays to carry the channel, while the broadcaster said that number was not correct.

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