Four More Sad Florist Tales From The Garden Of Discontent

Closed lilies, not-so-fresh blooms, and two flower arrangements that never showed up, leaving disappointed girlfriends in their wake. Delivering the flowers a day late is better than not at all…but not when you paid extra to make sure your significant other knows that you didn’t forget to wow her on the 14th. Welcome to the third and final installment of this year’s Valentine’s Day Garden of Discontent.

Joe’s Teleflora delivery arrived just fine, but the vase was a different shape, there was more greenery than the photo showed, and the arrangement’s closed lilies didn’t create the impression he was looking for.

I had a disappointing experience with Teleflora as well. Check out the pictures below. After sending an email to support they called and gave me a 50% refund, and a coupon code for 30% off my next order, which I can deal with. But I’m still not very happy because all I wanted was to send someone a nice bouquet of flowers that looked assembled by a professional, and what she got was pretty awful compared to the website. Sure, they’re still prettier than no flowers at all and she was happy to receive them, but it looks like it’s a bouquet I threw together myself hastily and I’m no florist.

I do have to admit that I sent emails to their customer support and received a phone call promptly the next day from a support rep who was extremely nice.


My email to Teleflora:


I spent quite a bit of money on these flowers (about $120 after taxes, handling fees, and a small discount) and I had high hopes for them. I know Teleflora is dealing with local florists and it’s a hectic time of the year for them, so I didn’t expect them to be absolutely perfect, nor look like a mirror image of the picture. I just expected a beautiful bouquet which looked much like what I ordered. I was disappointed with what was received. None of the lilies were blooming at all. OK, I can deal with that; they will bloom this week. But it just didn’t bring the wow factor that I expected. I think some of the lilies chosen should have been blooming. Also, the picture has no filler greenery in it whatsoever. I don’t understand why the bouquet received had so much greenery filler in it. One of the reasons I chose the “Timeless Romance” bouquet was because I thought it looked so elegant and classy without the filler. What really upset me the most though was the vase. I think the vase pictured on the Teleflora website is beautiful. What was received is a vase that looks nothing like what I saw on the website, and actually looks quite cheap to me. It looks almost like a beer pitcher from my local pub, honestly. Please see the pictures below.

My order number was [redacted]. I was offered a 30% refund off the $120 I charged to my credit card, but honestly I wouldn’t have paid $85 for the flowers which were delivered, which look much more like a cheap bouquet to me than something I would have dropped over $80 on. I know that this lackluster bouquet is not indicative of Teleflora as a whole which deals with local florists to deliver its bouquets, which in turn makes it tougher to enforce quality control. I look forward to your response.

This really wasn’t Teleflora’s year. (Did they put out a Groupon or something?) Josh designed his own diptych of what he ordered versus what he got when he, too, laid down more than a hundred bucks to impress his girlfriend.

I ordered my girlfriend a bouquet of flowers from Teleflora a good 6 days in advance. I wanted to make sure they would have plenty of time. To guarantee delivery, I payed extra for Valentine’s Day. My total outage was almost $113. For that, I got nothing. I WISH they had sent the wrong arrangement, or at least an ugly version of what I ordered. Instead, my GF got nothing.


I’ve been on hold with their “customer service” for 70 minutes and counting as we speak. The first customer service agent I spoke with (after 30 minutes on hold) could not tell me anything specific about my refund. All she could tell me is that “I will make sure your concerns are handled appropriately.” Something like that. But an actual refund? She couldn’t tell me. So now I sit on hold for an additional 35 minutes…make that 37 minutes for a supervisor.

Avoid Teleflora at all costs. They are as worthless of a company as you will be able to find in this day and age.

(And no, I didn’t really need the Kleenex. My GF was very understanding.)

TJ writes:

I placed an order on the 13th to be delivered on Valentine’s Day and paid a fee of $21.99 just to ensure that the delivery would take place. Valentine’s Day comes, no delivery, no email, no phone call! I call their 24/7 customer service line to find out that they are CLOSED!

I call today [February 15th], get a rep and she seems oblivious to the fact that they ruined Valentine’s Day and just wanted to deliver the flowers today. I suggested that they upgrade my order to the deluxe flowers to take care of the $21.99 that I paid for delivery yesterday which did not take place. She refused and couldn’t only offer me 25% off a future order which is pointless as I will never order from Teleflora again!

Meanwhile, a different Josh’s ProFlowers delivery went smoothly, but the flowers weren’t looking so great the next day. He expected the company to fight when he complained about the short lifespan of the flowers he sent to his girlfriend. Nope: they sent a new, fresher shipment of roses.

I had a great experience with ProFlowers for Valentine’s Day. I ordered my girlfriend a dozen roses with chocolate and a teddy bear to surprise her at her office on Valentine’s Day. It showed up on time but the flowers began to wilt less than 24 hours after arriving.

Even though they advertise everywhere “7 day freshness guarantee”, I called customer service expecting to have to put up a little fight to get a replacement. After explaining what happened the lady was very apologetic and immediately went to work resolving the problem. Without any input from me as to what a fair compensation would be, she offered to send new flowers in an ungraded vase, plus more chocolate and another teddy bear. She also included a spa trio package as an extra way of saying sorry. The second shipment arrived the next day at no cost to me and the flowers look great. My girlfriend got a second, better Valentines’ Day gift, and I was floored by how great the service was. I will definitely order from them again.

See? It’s nice to end on an even happier ending.

That’s the end of this holiday’s Garden of Discontent. We’ll surely be back for Mother’s Day.


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  1. Mr. Fix-It says: "Canadian Bacon is best bacon!" says:

    And one hopes a few more people learn not to trust mail-order florists this year.

    • Laura Northrup says:

      That’s the plan.

    • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

      Actually so far it’s smaller than last year on Consumerist. Either customers wised up, mail-order comapnies, or just Consumerist readers.

      A win regardless.

  2. mauispiderweb says:

    This is why I send flowers to be delivered the day BEFORE. Never had a problem and and it’s kinda nice to receive flowers in the office a day before everyone else :)

    • scoosdad says:

      I’ll bet you opened your Christmas presents on December 24th, too. :-)

    • Awesome McAwesomeness says:

      Not a bad idea. The girl would still have those flowers on her desk on Valentines Day. It wouldn’t bother me to get flowers the day before.

  3. Lethe says:

    These OPs knew to email Consumerist pretty much immediately after it happened, so I don’t think it’s too huge a jump to assume they’re at least somewhat regular readers. In that case, why would they even try a service like this? The yearly complaints always vastly outnumber the happy endings (at least that we hear about).

  4. lvixen says:

    With something as delicate as flowers it truly is hit or miss. The customer service should not be though. As much as I love and recommend online shopping, sometimes it IS worth the effort to go to the local florist and pick it out yourself.

  5. chefboyardee says:

    why. does. everyone. keep. patronizing. these. people.

    i know it’s been said a million times in these comments but STOP BUYING FLOWERS ONLINE.

    go to a local florist, *in person* or, get your girl something more meaningful than some dead plants.

    • RandomHookup says:

      Because, for many guys, a florist is a bit intimidating. You don’t know what the flowers are, don’t know what things will cost and can feel pressured into spending more than you plan. It’s easier to look at a picture and a price and push a button.

      • conquestofbread says:

        It’s not that hard.

        Go in there, tell them what you are willing to spend, and you can POINT to the flowers to show which ones you think look nice if you don’t know what kind of flowers you want.

        • RandomHookup says:

          That’s easy to say, but the first time is always the hardest. No one likes to shop for something (expensive) they don’t know enough about.

    • missy070203 says:

      I don’t think we should be blaming the OP on this ….. they obviously paid a significant amount of money for a service that was not received as promised….

    • s0s has a chewy nougat center says:

      Some girls LIKE a gift of dead plants. I’d actually be pretty touched to receive a nice, simple bouquet of daffodils, it would show that my guy actually paid attention to my preferences, knew what I liked, and wanted to do something that would make me happy. That’s meaningful, to me.

      A boring, standard bouquet of roses and lilies because that’s “traditional” and what all the florists are advertising, well, that’s another story. Bleh.

    • Dr. Shrinker says:

      Umm, about that…

      First, TeleFlora and FTD use local florists to make and deliver the arrangements. Why would they suddenly become competent just because YOU called them?

      Second, personal experience: Spent 100s of $ at a long-time local florist for my Mom’s funeral last year. The flowers looked NOTHING like what was promised (we had specifically chosen her favorite color, which these were NOT, the arrangement was literally half the size of what we had chosen, etc.) They didn’t even manage to deliver to the church in time for the service, although they did make it to the cemetery.

      The only positive to using a local florist is that when THEY f–k up you can go chew someone out in person. At least we got some of our $ back. But there is no magic guarantee that your local florist isn’t filled with dimwits and cheaters, as well.

      • Rjordan84 says:

        Florists are human. To be sure you get exactly what you want and have cometence go to your florist and ask for the owner then give them your order. The owner is a good shop is there 90% of the time. Of course they want repeat business so they will be sure you get what you want and how you want, when you want.

  6. caradrake says:

    My husband brought me home an orange tree. We then went out and got a nice pot so that if we move a year down the road, we can bring it with us. In all, it set him back $60 for the tree, pot, and dirt.

    I love that my husband knows what I like. Usually I am perfectly happy with nothing (I’m not anti-VDay, but I’m not really pro-VDay either), or a small potted rose plant that I can then kill at my leisure but this is so totally awesome since I’ve been wanting to get an orange tree. The blossoms smell absolutely divine.

  7. missy070203 says:

    It’s pretty common for florists to hire temporary workers around the holidays and I know and have worked for florists in the past – they typically don’t allow people who don’t know what they’re doing to make arrangements if they themselves care about their business…. cold fact is that teleflora blindly contracts a local florist based on proximity or business/delivery hours not competency or quality – and when all care or respect for quality goes out the window you get situations like the above^ ….. the person who prepared Joe’s order obviously knows nothing about flowers at all…. they used mostly bakers fern in the greenery which is not used in the example arrangement- (should be Lemon leaf) and the lilies are completely closed – if the florist had placed them in a bucket of warm water in a room that is heated to average/room temperature for about a day or overnight they would have at least been half open- after working for florists on and off over the last 10 years I don’t use Teleflora or any other outsourced floral distributor even when I’m sending flowers outside my local area…. I look up a business by zipcode and check their reviews online and typically use the same florists over and over after receiving good quality service and product…. it’s a shame these consumers had to learn this the hard way and on valentines day to boot… very sad — they deserve more than a refund considering how much Teleflora and the florist who “didn’t deliver” stands to make on the 60%+ mark up margins in profit on these items

    • Rjordan84 says:

      fun fact about wire services and florists. Teleflora gave him a partcial refund. Teleflora more than likely completely cancelled the order on the florist. They are out the flowers and the money completely. Totally crooked they keep some of the money and screw the shop that actually sent the flowers. I also have this vase in my shop, it’s a very large vase. I also have a vase like telefloras…it’s hardly big enough for a dozen roses. Also I looked up this arrangment and do you know it calls for sweetheart roses and not the 50cm standard size. so if he got the bigger roses you got an upgrade. Also it should have only has 5 stems of casablanca lilies. Looks like the florist added more. The greenery you mentioned is much more expensive and sometimes “same day” orders come in with no time to get other items. Plus some of these guys wait till the day of to order then your stuck with what florists still have. Maybe before you go after the florist you should really look at the flowers. I agree do look at reviews online and find a good florist. Keep in mind when reading reviews though you can pay a service to remove bad reviews. So look for ones that have both good and bad ones, it means they aren’t hiding anything. If they are like my shop you can ask about the bad reviews and they give full disclosure with no bias.

  8. Cat says:

    Joe’s flowers don’t look bad at all. It’s what he ordered, except the vase is different, and there is “filler” – an extra bonus that he’s complaining about?

    The fact that the flowers aren’t open is a bonus too – that arrangement will last longer than one where the flowers are fully opened.

    • belsonc says:

      Ok, so it’s not just me, then. I was told once that it’s always better to get, well, a bouquet that looks like that because you know the flowers haven’t hit their prime yet – that after you’ve had them for a few days, THEN you’ll really see how nice they are. (This may not be overly clear as I’ve been sleeping terribly recently, but I think I got my idea across.)

    • missy070203 says:

      It is true that you would not want the lilies to be completely open – but they should be half open to show some color – honestly the vase shouldn’t matter as long as it is the same color-

      • StarKillerX says:

        Actually those look ready to open, which is what you want. When your getting flowers you want them just about to open so once they warm up they bloom and look wonderful.

        Not only will they look better but they will look better longer that way.

    • fadetoblack says:

      The vase isn’t as nice, but it’s not an eyesore. Other than that, I’d say he got a remarkably similar bouquet compared to other stories we’ve seen here and a generous (probably unwarranted) 30% discount.

      Let’s see a picture of that bouquet three or four days later when they have opened – it will probably look great.

    • sirwired says:

      I’m also not quite sure what he’s upset with. These are real flowers, not plastic plants. The florist cannot precisely time the opening of the buds to coincide with the moment of delivery.

    • Hoss says:

      The background is different, looks much whiter in the ad

    • kobresia says:

      The primary difference I seen between the photos of lilies and roses is that the consumer took a really crappy photo with really poor lighting. The lilies will open soon enough, it looks like a very nice arrangement.

    • Charmander says:

      Once the blooms open up, the bouquet will look very much like the first photo. Both have exactly the same amount of flowers – 6 roses and approx. 1 dozen lilies. The only thing different is the amount of filler.

      I don’t know what he is complaining about.

    • Jillia says:

      Came here to say the same thing. I don’t know what the OP is complaining about. Same amount of flowers, a little extra filler. Both the vases are glass, just different shaped. Not a big deal. And the lilies aren’t fully open yet but that’s a good thing. You know they’ll be in their prime, they’ll last longer, and it’s kinda fun to watch them bloom.

  9. Jelly says:

    Closed lilies are my favorite flowers to get! Stop complaining, those flowers will be pretty for weeks.

  10. myteebay says:

    Florists often send the flowers in bud so you can watch them open and enjoy them in bloom longer. In a day or so, all those lilies are going to bloom and that first set of pictures is going to look the same (well, except for the vase and I looked at the website and saw several listings that say the bouquet comes in a “traditional glass vase” which probably means they have several different ones they use).

    • allknowingtomato says:

      I was going to point this out. The first picture in this post is actually very close to what was ordered. the bouquet looks different because the lillies haven’t opened yet.

      when you get flowers in full bloom, they are past their prime. when you get lillies that have not yet opened, you get to enjoy the full life of the flower. the vase is different, but not unacceptably so (it’s not like it was a stylized, contemporary, or colorful vase promised in the picture). the opened bouquet will look substantially like the picture.

      not normally one to blame the OP, but that first picture (to me) looks like a rare example of what acceptable variation from the photo would be, given the strains the holiday puts on inventory.

  11. WylieMalingsia says:

    I really hope to see a photo of this bouquet a few days from now when those lilies open up.
    Yes, in a perfect world, the lilies would have been full-on-in-bloom, but nature is funny, and ordering lilies on the busiest florist day of the year means you could run into something like unopened lilies.

    Please have the OP follow-up, with an “in bloom” photo of the arrangement.

  12. ExtraCelestial says:

    Ummm those are the exact same flowers (even the same color/quantity) that are in the picture. Florists never deliver flowers fully opened otherwise they will start dying within a day or two. It’s also much harder on them to travel. The bud acts as a protective barrier.

    And those green leaves that you see towards the bottom of the vase? Yeah.. that’s filler. They added a little more because the vase they used was bigger, but I really don’t see anything worthy of a complaint here.

    TJ on the other hand has EVERY right to be pissed. Also TJ, an FYI for next year. If you order about 8 days in advance you don’t have to pay their stupid “Valentine’s Day guarantee” fee which I agree is ridiculous. The prices are also much cheaper

  13. Derek Balling says:

    In the age of the Internet, here’s the deep dark secret:

    You don’t need FTD, or TeleFlora, or any of those “florist networks”.

    Use the Google. Use Yelp. Use Angie’s List. Find a local florist to where you want to make the delivery and call them yourself. Pay them yourself. Cut out the useless middle-man, and (usually) get BETTER product than what FTD would have promised you in the first place.

    • scoosdad says:

      Part two of that secret is that the local florist will give you a better deal, better service, and a better looking arrangement because you cut out the middleman. They don’t have to pay a commission or a kickback to the middleman and get to keep all of your money. They’re happier and that happiness results in a better experience for the buyer, I’ve found.

      (my cousin is a florist)

  14. bnceo says:

    Teleflora had a living social coupon. Bad BAD time to use it.

  15. donjumpsuit says:

    I am actually going to stick up for the florist on the first one. Lilies are almost never delivered open, they open over the course of a few days and die a day or so later. It looks like he got almost the exact number of roses and lilies.

    • belsonc says:

      *checks off the “Blame the OP” box on his Consumerist Bingo¬Æ card* ;-)

    • ExtraCelestial says:

      Agreed. It’s not $120 worth of flowers, but neither was the website picture. He knew that going in. Flowers are crazy overpriced this time of year and the delivery couriers are swamped. And $40 discount for a (admittedly kind of ugly, but forewarned) different vase than the picture? Yeah he should take their offer and run. You can buy 4 of those vases for that.

  16. Clutchcargo says:

    Valentine’s day is for suckers. Don’t buy into these Halmark holidays.

  17. ThunderRoad says:

    If the flowers didn’t arrive, use chargebacks.

  18. Rusty Stanberry says:
  19. BobOki says:

    I have used ProFlowers before with great results…. just don’t give them your e-mail address… woah man they send a LOT of mai (daily).

  20. BreninMA says:

    Actually in the “reality” photo above, that is a LOADED arrangement! The roses and the Casablancas just haven’t fully opened, meaning that those flowers are SUPER fresh. When they DO open (once they aren’t being kept in a cooler) that arrangement is going to be spectacular! ( I am a florist’s daughter and in fact worked in her shop all day V. Day.)

  21. elephantattack says:

    Just swing by somewhere on your way home from work and pick something out in PERSON. I don’t know why this is so hard. I have never done the whole order flowers thing because of this very reason. Not to mention, actually going there and buying them yourself has some other added benefits:

    1. you can see what it is you’re buying
    2. They’re going to be cheaper
    3. You get to see your significant other’s face when you give them to her
    4. these online flower companies don’t get your money

    Don’t have time to get somewhere and buy flowers? Order a professional massage for her. She will immediately forget that you didn’t get her flowers and you’d STILL save money (this is what I did, she could care less that I skipped the flowers… Though I did get her some for her birthday a week and a half ago).

  22. SavijMuhdrox says:

    This is why you go to the store and BUY THEM YOURSELF. Most mail-order florist flowers die within a week, while those hardy grocery store flowers will eventually bloom and last way longer.

    Going out of your way, spending less money and having flowers that will last longer will make you come out on top.. (or bottom.. if that’s your thing)

  23. Doubting thomas says:

    For all the folks commenting on the fact that the Lilly’s will open in a day or two and last longer…
    I think you are missing the point. The OP DIDN’t buy flowers and pay a premium price for them so that his S.O. Could have nice flowers on the 16th or 17th. He paid $120.00 for $40.00 worth of flowers so that she would have a beautiful arrangement on Valentines day.
    Personally I refuse to spend that kind of money on dead plants that will make me sneeze and be miserable when she brings them home, and was fortunate enough to find a woman who actually would get pissed about me spending our money on flowers. But if I was going to order flowers on V-day, I would fully expect them to be blooming on the day they were delivered.

  24. I wumbo. You wumbo. He- she- me... wumbo. Wumbo; Wumboing; We'll have thee wumbo; Wumborama; Wumbology; the study of Wumbo. says:

    You are aware the the flowers simply haven’t budded. You know that they arrange these flowers just right for their photo shoot and yours probably won’t look exactly like the picture. “But it just didn’t bring the wow factor that I expected.”


  25. ecuador says:

    I don’t get Joe’s complaint. He should look at the flowers in 1-2 days when the Liliums are in full bloom, the bouquet will more or less match the picture and it will last longer. Most people PREFER closed buds for exactly that reason. Next time I guess he should specifically indicate he does not like buds.
    Of course he paid A LOT of money for the bouquet (I can find the same thing locally for under $30), but you shouldn’t be expecting a bargain when ordering flower online for Valentine’s day.

  26. Eremis77 says:

    I ordered from Teleflora on the morning of the 14th, paid $9 extra to have it delivered that day, and it got to my wife around 9pm that night. Not bad!

  27. llilith says:

    To answer the question posed above, there was a living social deal for a $50 voucher for Teleflora for $25.

    My order was botched too. I ended up calling corporate and got a refund a $50 coupon toward my next order.

    Bummer that the special occasion was ruined though. :(

  28. headhot says:

    So the reality pic shows the flowers closed. Thats not a bad thing. They will open, and the piece with last longer.

  29. lovemypets00 - You'll need to forgive me, my social filter has cracked. says:

    OMG $120 for a vase of flowers?

    **head spins around at the thought of spending over 1 week’s grocery/pet food budget for a vase of flowers

    • StarKillerX says:

      Actually I suspect that is what happend to him as what he got was virtually identical to what was ordered and he kept whining and complaining for ever payments for their “screwup”

  30. Remarkable Melba Kramer says:

    I disappoint my own girlfriends at home.

    Wait, that didn’t come out right.

  31. kranky says:

    I think using a Teleflora or FTD type service is unwise. Find the name of a florist in the town where the flowers will be delivered and call them directly. Get the name of the person who takes your order. Repeat the name during the conversation. Ask in a general way if they are concerned that anything might go wrong. “Any reason to think this order won’t be delivered on Tuesday?” or “Do you have those kinds of flowers in stock and are they fresh?” Also throw in that you found their name on an internet site where people leave reviews.

    When they know you know their name and you have essentially made them guarantee everything will go well, in my experience they will come through. You aren’t an anonymous faxed-in order via Teleflora.

  32. Charmander says:

    Regarding the photos: the photo of the actual bouquet is just fine. Consider that the lilies haven’t opened up yet. When they do, it will look very much like the picture.

    I really don ‘t think many people have a sense of reality when it comes to floral arrangements.

  33. CorvetteJoe says:

    I am actually going to go out on a limb here and say I think the order, aside from the case, looks correct.

    Look at the delivered flowers, look at why it’s green. They have not opened up yet.
    Because of this, it will make the arrangement last a LOT longer than if it arrived just like the picture (already opened, and on it’s way out).

    If the person receiving the flowers takes a picture a couple days after they got them, I’ll bet anything it will closely resemble the original photo from he florist.

    Also look at the “too much greenery”.. look how much is in the original that’s hidden by the big white open flowers. Give those white buds a few days and they will cover the same amount, having hardly any greenery showing.

    As anyone should know, when you buy flowers from anywhere, you always buy the ones that are still closed up tight…. such as what was delivered.

  34. Shine-runner says:

    I did proflowers this year, The roses had brown edges. I sent them an email telling them about it, they resent the whole order. I gave them a chance to impress, they failed. Next year I its back to the flower shop

  35. RayanneGraff says:

    Or- give your girlfriend a more sustainable, guaranteed-not-to-get-fucked-up gift instead of dead plants.

    Never, ever understood the practice of killing flowers and giving them as temporary gifts. To me it says, “My love for you is beautiful but it is as short-lived as these flowers.” I’d rather get a painting or a poem or something like that.

  36. ben_marko says:

    Ok…I’ve ordered flowers online before and they turned out fine.

    BTW, is their a photo showing the flowers above after they bloomed? Do you think FTD or another online retailer would show their flowers before they bloomed? They probably wouldn’t sell as many. I am sure the flowers above were shipped so you could enjoy them to their fullest – if they were shipped already blooming they wouldn’t last nearly as long!

  37. lifeispunny says:

    As lots of others have said – it is the same (except vase) the flowers just haven’t opened yet – it will last a long long time this way.

  38. magnetic says:

    The local florist I use has some bouquets labeled “teleflora.” I’ve been avoiding those. In a shop where they otherwise do good stuff, does teleflora mean do not buy?

  39. jvette says:

    You trust the internet with your important floral order then you get what you deserve. Teleflora, FTD and all the others do not fill the orders or do they care what the florist who fills the order does. First you pay a high rip off fee for them to take the order from you and then you get your flowers from a low quality flower shop who can’t get their local business on their own. They can’t get the local orders because in many cases they are low quality and uneducated in the business. Get off your butt and go to the local flower shop and see what you are ordering. You will then always be happy. That’s what I do and now am great friends with my local florist.

  40. jvette says:

    You trust the internet with your important floral order then you get what you deserve. Teleflora, FTD and all the others do not fill the orders or do they care what the florist who fills the order does. First you pay a high rip off fee for them to take the order from you and then you get your flowers from a low quality flower shop who can’t get their local business on their own. They can’t get the local orders because in many cases they are low quality and uneducated in the business. Get off your butt and go to the local flower shop and see what you are ordering. You will then always be happy. That’s what I do and now am great friends with my local florist.

  41. pansy says:

    having been a florist for over 25 years and retired,, this is a bit unacceptable IF…it did not come with the claim that the blooms were ALL fresh and would bloom out. the lilies will always open, and I see the roses that are in this vase have the look of fresh , just not bloomed out. If proper instructions were given to change water daily by rinsing with warm water and a few drops of bleach and trimming the stems on an angle with a sharp knife NOT a scissor as they crush the stems….this arrangement should last a very long time. unlike flowers bought in food stores and gas stations that are exposed to ethlyene gasses and exhaust that blow out the flowers quickly. NEVER buy flowers from a florist that stores fruit especially apples in their cooler with their flowers. not to mention that the prices….are becoming rediculous. flower shops have to pay for service fees when sent thru a service such as Teleflora etc….better to choose the blooms yourself, and take a bouquet home and go online and find plenty of sites that will show you how to arrange them simply! a full service, well staffed florist will have someone who can arrange them into a hand tied bouquet that will be vase ready for when you get to gift them to your love!

  42. Rjordan84 says:

    I can’t help but post. I caught the pic of these arrangements online. I own a floral shop. I am always telling people to never order from online flower places. Take the time to call a florist. The “wire services” as they are called :1800flowers, ftd,teleflora use local florists in that area. They will ok the florist to do whatever if you order to late and they want to be sure you get your delivery. They will allow red roses to become red carnations many times! That’s why we are no longer paying to be part of them. Plus that $120 that was spent the florist was given an order -30% of that amount. So the florist is given $84 which includes delivery. Now as far as the picture the florist does what we do. They send flowers in bud stage. The pictures you see online are fully “blown” flowers. The lifespan on the Teleflora Arrangement is maybe 2 days if your lucky. When you send buds the flowers can last up to a month if cared for properly. I agree with the comment below that says to just call or go to a local florist and pick out what you want. Flower arrangements are copies or something made on a assembly line. We are working with nature and can only give what nature allows. Now if you were wanting something with more open flowers you can tell a florist that and they would mix blown and buds so the arrangement is pretty now and later. Plus as a note always make sure you give a phone number for the person you are sending to. Just as a side note. That way we can be sure flowers aren’t left on a porch!