Mars Is Going To Snatch That King-Sized Candy Bar Right Out Of Your Hands

Okay fine, Mars isn’t going to run up to you and steal your candy, but the makers of Snickers bars and other tasty treats are going to stop selling chocolate products that have more than 250 calories per portion. So that means no more king-sized Snickers, Twix, 3 Musketeers, Mars, Milky Way and more.

The plan, which the Chicago Tribune says is aimed at going into effect by the end of 2013, is centered around the goal to stop shipping products that exceed 250 per portion. A king-size Snickers, for example, has 510 calories, and lists a serving size as a third of the bar — but who eats just a third of a bar? A regular Snickers is 280 calories.

The health kick is not stopping with calories –¬†by 2015 Mars wants to reduce sodium levels in all their food products by 25% from where they were in 2007.

“Mars has a broad-based commitment to health and nutrition, and this includes a number of global initiatives,” the company said in a statement.

Start that emergency stockpile now, folks, before it’s too late and you have to shove multiple bars in your gob for the same effect as a king-sized candy bar. That would just be a waste of time!

Mars dethrones king-sized chocolate bars [Chicago Tribune]

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