Sony Apologizes For Accidentally Capitalizing On Whitney Houston's Death With UK Price Hike

In the wake of customer outrage over a price bump on two of Whitney Houston’s greatest hits albums in the United Kingdom iTunes store, mere hours after she passed away last Saturday, Sony is rolling out the obligatory, “sorry we tried to capitalize on a super famous person’s death” apology.

What they really said was that the whole thing was one big accident. Woopsies!

“Whitney Houston product was mistakenly mispriced on the U.K. iTunes store on Sunday,” said a statement issued by Sony, via Rolling Stone. “When discovered, the mistake was immediately corrected. We apologize for any offense caused.”

Customers were outraged when the Ultimate Collection and Greatest Hits albums jumped in price dramatically in the wee hours of Sunday morning, around 60% and 25%, respectively.The albums both returned to their normal prices later on Sunday.

At first, many were quick to blame Apple for the iTunes change, until it was revealed that Sony had lifted the wholesale price on the album, which triggered subsequent price hikes from other retailers.

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Sony Apologizes for Whitney Houston Price Hike in U.K. [Rolling Stone]

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