FCC To Make Robocalls Opt-In Only, But Human Telemarketers May Still Annoy You

In spite of the fact that more than 200 million numbers have been placed on the National Do Not Call Registry, robocalling telemarketers are continuing to either ignore the list or find ways around its restrictions. But the FCC is set to unveil new rules that would shrink the size of those loopholes.

According to CNN, the new FCC rules would require any telemarketer who makes automated, pre-recorded calls to obtain permission in writing from the people they call.

This would override the existing rule that allows marketers to call people they currently have an existing business relationship with.

So if you have a checking account at a bank, they won’t will be able to call you to try to sell you on a home equity line of credit unless you sign off on it.

Robocalls will also be required to have a clear way to opt out of future calls by pressing a button or two.

Unfortunately, the stricter rules will not apply to telemarketing calls from actual human beings.

FCC set to impose new limits on automated telemarketing calls [CNN]

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