MySpace Suddenly Adding More Users Than It's Losing

After years of increasing loneliness, Tom suddenly has some new friends. Or at least he would if he still used the service. MySpace’s new ownership revealed the social networking service has added 1 million new users in the past month. The company is trumpeting the change as a sign that MySpace’s transformation into an entertainment hub is breathing new life into the former networking giant.

According to The New York Times, the MySpace Music Player, which provides free music, is a major driver behind the renaissance. The recent user influx has helped MySpace to its first monthly traffic increase in nearly a year.

It remains to be seen whether the group that bought the site for $35 million last year has made a wise investment, but whatever happens it will work out better for it than it did News Corporation, which paid $580 million for MySpace in 2005.

MySpace to Announce One Million New Users [The New York Times]

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