How To Reduce Eye Strain While You Read, Work And Watch

You spend all day at work staring at a computer monitor. Then you come home and relax by glaring at a TV screen or squinting at a book or laptop. That sort of routine doesn’t give your eyes much of a break, so it helps to take measures to make things easier on your beleaguered peepers.

A HeathGuidance post gives you some pointers on how to treat your eyes with care. Chief among the screen-reading advice is to avoid long periods of intense eye focus, taking breaks at 40-minute intervals. You don’t necessarily need to drop everything and embark on a nature hike. Simply staring off into the distance can break things up enough to keep you fresh.

As for TV watching, you’ll want to minimize glare, and position your set at eye level that ensures you won’t have to look up at it. It could be harder on your eyes to watch TV in a completely dark room, so try to use indirect lighting that brightens things up without reflecting off the screen.

In whatever you’re doing, change something up if you feel your eyes starting to tire.

How to Reduce Eye Strain [HealthGuidance]

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